2005 Kia Sportage Owners Manual and Maintenance Guide

Drive safely and enjoy your Kia!, How to use this manual / 1-2, Vehicle handling instructions / 1-3, Vehicle break-in process / 1-3, HOW TO USE THIS MANUAL, WARNING, A WARNING indicates a situation, in which serious bodily injury or, death could result if the warning, is ignored.

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2005 Kia Sportage Owners Manual and Maintenance Guide
indicates a situation, in which personal injury, perhaps, severe, could result if the caution, is ignored. NOTICE, A NOTICE indicates a situation in, which damage to your vehicle could, result if the notice is ignored. VEHICLE HANDLING, VEHICLE BREAK-IN, INSTRUCTIONS, PROCESS, Exterior overview / 2-2, Interior overview / 2-4, Instrument panel overview / 2-5, EXTERIOR OVERVIEW, INTERIOR OVERVIEW, INSTRUMENT PANEL OVERVIEW, Keys / 3-2, Remote keyless entry / 3-4, Theft-alarm system / 3-6, Immobilizer system / 3-8, Door locks / 3-9, Window / 3-16, Seat / 3-19, Safety belts / 3-30, Airbags-supplemental restraint system / 3-56, Hood / 3-82, Fuel filler lid / 3-84, Mirrors / 3-87, Interior lights / 3-91, Storage compartment / 3-93, Interior features / 3-96, Sunroof / 3-102, Luggage net / 3-106, Tonneau cover / 3-107, Luggage under tray / 3-109, KEYS, Key operations, CAUTION, WARNING – Ignition key, Use only Kia original parts for, Leaving children unattended in, the ignition key in your vehicle. a vehicle with the ignition key is, If an aftermarket key is used, the, dangerous even if the key is not, ignition switch may not return, in the ignition. Children copy, to ON after START. If this hap-, adults and they could place the, pens, the starter will continue to, key in the ignition. The ignition, operate causing damage to the, key would enable children to, starter motor and possible fire, operate power windows or other, due to excessive current in the, controls, or even make the vehicle, wiring. cle move, which could result in, serious bodily injury or even, death. Never leave the keys in, your vehicle with unsupervised, children. REMOTE KEYLESS ENTRY (IF EQUIPPED), Panic (, NOTICE, Keep the transmitter away from, water or any liquid. If the keyless, entry system is inoperative due to, exposure to water or liquids, it will, not be covered by your manufacturer vehicle warranty. NOTICE, The transmitter will not work if any, of following occur, The ignition key is in ignition, switch. You exceed the operating distance, limit (10 m). The battery in the transmitter is, Lock (weak. Other vehicles or objects may be, blocking the signal. The weather is extremely cold. Unlock, The transmitter is close to a radio, transmitter such as a radio station, or an airport which can interfere, with normal operation of the, transmitter. When the transmitter does not work, After pressing this button, the, correctly, open and close the door, doors will be locked automatic, with the ignition key. If you have a, cally unless you open them, problem with the transmitter. tact an authorized Kia Dealer. NOTICE, The keyless entry system transmitter is designed to give you years of, troublefree use, however it can malfunction if exposed to moisture or, static electricity. If you are unsure, how to use your transmitter or, replace the battery, contact an, authorized Kia dealer. Battery replacement, NOTICE, Using the wrong battery can cause, the transmitter to malfunction. Be, sure to use the correct battery. To avoid damaging the transmitter, don\’t drop it, get it wet, or, expose it to heat or sunlight. THEFT-ALARM SYSTEM (IF EQUIPPED), Armed stage, NOTICE, If any door, rear hatch/window or, engine hood remains open, the system will not be armed. If this happens, rearm the system, as described previous. CAUTION, Do not arm the system until all, passengers have left the vehicle. If the system is armed while, a passenger(s) remains in the, vehicle, the alarm may be acti-, vated when the remaining passenger(s) leaves the vehicle. Alarm stage, Disarmed stage, NOTICE, Avoid trying to start the engine, while the alarm is activated. The, vehicle starting motor is disabled, during the alarm stage. IMMOBILIZER SYSTEM (IF EQUIPPED), To deactivate the immobilizer sys-, Limp home (override) procetem, dure, To activate the immobilizer system, This device complies with, CAUTION, Industry Canada Standard RSS, The transponder in your ignition, 210. key is an important part of the, immobilizer system. It is, designed to give years of trou-, blefree service, however you, should avoid exposure to moisture, static electricity and rough, handling. Immobilizer system, malfunction could occur. CAUTION, CAUTION, Do not change, alter or adjust, If you cannot start your engine, the immobilizer system because

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