2006 Mazda B-Series Quick Tips Manual and Maintenance

If you must install a front-facing, child-seat, put it in the outboard, seat and slide it all the way, rearward, set passenger air, bag deactivation switch to, OFF position, For Cab-Plus vehicles, do not, put child restraints in the center, facing jump seats, for complete, details see Owner’s Manual

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2006 Mazda B-Series Quick Tip Manual and Guide
B-Series Truck Quick Tips(R) are, designed to quickly familiarize, you with some important, features of your B-Series Truck, This Driver\’s View tab is your, index to the Quick Tips(R), locate, SET+, the item you would like to, CST-, learn more about and then, turn to the listed tab, Be sure to see the tab called, Getting Started, this section, contains important operating, tips about your B-Series Truck, 23 22 21, 18 17, Items identified in blue text, call out important information, SET+, CST-, WARNING: Do not reset, shutoff switch if you see, or smell fuel, OFF position, an infant, or child is in serious, danger of being injured, or killed if front passenger, air bag is deployed, PASSENGER AIR BAG
Tip: Turn ignition off when, disabling passenger front air bag, WARNINGS: When using a, rear-facing infant-safety seat, or a front-facing child seat,, always set the passenger seat, air bag deactivation switch to, Tip: If coded key is lost or, stolen, new coded key will, NLOCK, need to be programmed at, an authorized dealer, WARNING: Never leave, a child in car with key, in ignition, AUTO, UNLOCK, Tip: Battery saver shuts, off dome lamp after 5, minutes with ignition off, Tip: To lock mirrors in place,, move control switch (1) to, center position, WARNINGS: Do not adjust, seats while driving,
WARNING, Safety belts must always be, Make sure, worn when vehicle is in motion, adjuster locks, All air bags are supplemental, in one of its, and do not replace safety, positions, belt usage, Always wear your safety, belt and properly secure, children in age appropriate, child restraints and deactivate, passenger seat air bag, WARNINGS: Use age, If you must install a, appropriate child restraints,, front-facing child-seat,, see Owner\’s Manual and, put it in the outboard seat, state or province laws, and slide it all the way rear-, When using a rear-facing, ward, set passenger air bag, infant-safety seat or a front-, deactivation switch to, facing child seat, always set, OFF position, the passenger seat air bag, For Cab Plus vehicles, do not, deactivation switch to OFF, put child restraints in the center, position, an infant or, facing jump seats, for complete, child is in serious danger of, details see Owner\’s Manual, being injured or killed if front, passenger air bag is deployed.

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