2007 Mazda Miata MX-5 Quick Tips and Guide

This Quick Tips(R) guide is provided by Mazda North American… Operations to make your Mazda… In addition to all the other great convenient.

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Mazda MX-5 Miata Quick, Tips(R) are designed to quickly, familiarize you with some, important features of your, Mazda MX-5 Miata, The Driver\’s View tab is your, index to the Quick Tips(R), locate, the item you would like to, learn more about and then, turn to the listed tab, This Getting Started section, contains important operating, tips about your Mazda, MX-5 Miata, Items identified in blue text, call out important information, PASS, AIRBAG, Always \”ON\”, PASS, Except, AIRBAG, CRS used. Tip: When using advanced, PUSH, box or in open trunk, engine may, keyless system, system will, not start or warnings may activate, beep as confirmation of, lock/unlock requests, system, will also beep if start knob is, left in ACC position, advanced, key has been left in vehicle or, Tip: Vehicle battery may be, if advanced key is removed from, Tip: Engine may not start if, discharged and vehicle will not, vehicle while vehicle is running, trunk is open and advanced, lock remotely if start knob is, key is placed in trunk, left in ACC position, Tip: Do not place advanced key, on or around dashboard, storage. WARNING: Do not adjust, steering-wheel while driving, Tip: Needle fluctuates with, 11 10, engine RPM, this is normal, Tip: Use key number plate, to purchase a new key;, store in a safe place, separate from vehicle, Press and hold, button (4) for, more than 1 second, WARNING: Never leave a child, Tip: Trunk will not open if, alone in vehicle and never, power retractable hardtop, leave any key where a child can, latch is released or top is not in, find it, particularly advanced, complete raised/lowered position, keys which give easier access, to a curious child, TRUNK OPENER, LOCK. Tip: On models with auto, down function on both, windows, windows can be, opened using keyless entry, transmitter by pressing and, holding unlock button, 5-speed, 6-speed, Tips: Do not shift into 1st, above 20 mph or clutch, failure could occur, Tip: You can also shift using, steering wheel controls, With power retractable hardtop,, if beep sounds when vehicle, To upshift: Tap either up, is placed into gear, verify that, switch toward you, hardtop latc

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