2009 Mazda Tribute Smart Start Guide and Manual

This feature turns on headlamps, park lamps and tail lamps when the button is pressed using the Integrated Keyhead  Transmitter (IKT). Lamps automatically

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2009 Mazda Tribute Smart Start Guide and Manual
ONE TOUCH INTEGRATED START (OTIS), SecuriLockTM passive anti-theft key, Lock, Unlock, Panic, Open, Alarm Liftgate, Window, One step door unlocking, Perimeter lamps illuminated entry, Note:, LIFTGATE, To open the liftgate window, To open the liftgate, Liftgate Control Button, Liftgate Window Control Button, ELECTRONICALLY OPERATED DRIvER SEAT, Slide/Tilt Switch, Recline Lever, Lumbar Adjustment, Seat Cushion, Release Strap, Seatback, Release Lever, SPLIT-FOLDING REAR SEATBACkS, The rear seatbacks can be folded down to provide more space in, the cargo area, Folding down the seatbacks, Returning the seatbacks to the upright position, TURN SIGNALS/, INSTRUmENT, HEADLIGHT, PANEL LIGHTING/, HIGH BEAmS/, INTERIOR LIGHT, CRUISE, HAzARD, WIPER/WASHER, CONTROL, CONTROL, WARNING, LIGHTING, PARkING BRAkE HOOD RELEASE, TILT STEERING, CONTROL, RELEASE, HANDLE (behind, ADjUSTmENT, steering wheel), PASSENGER, AIR BAG OFF, CLImATE, AUDIO SYSTEm, DISPLAY, INDICATOR, CONTROL, HEATED SEATS, ELECTRONIC STABILITY AUxILIARY, CONTROL (ESC), INPUT jACk, AUxILIARY, POWER POINT, TACHOmETER, FUEL GAUGE, ODOmETER/, TRIP ODOmETER, GLOSSARY OF WARNING AND INDICATOR LIGHTS, Please see Owner\’s Manual for more details and explanations, Electronic Stability, Charging System, Control (ESC) Active, Check Engine, Throttle Control/, Powertrain, Headlight High Beam, Security Indicator, Tire Pressure, Door Ajar, monitoring System (TPmS), COOLANT, SPEEDOmETER, ODOmETER/, TEmPERATURE GAUGE, TRIP ODOmETER SELECTOR, Turn Signal/, Seat Bel

Download 2009 Mazda Tribute Smart Start Guide and Manual pdf from www.mymazda.com, 22 pages, 3143.06KB.
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