2010 Mazda CX-9 Quick Tips and Guide

advanced keyless entry system, starting the engine, unlock, while carrying the advanced key…, start the engine, while carrying the advanced key…, shut the engine off, unlock the driver’s door, liftgate, panic alarm, unlock all doors, key, door request switch, with the auxiliary key…,

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2010 Mazda CX-9 Quick Tips and Guide
lock or unlock the liftgate, lock all doors, open the front windows and, moon roof, liftgate request switch, close front windows, liftgate, liftgate handle, keyless entry system, liftgate, handle, release button, lock, power liftgate switch, power liftgate, unlock, panic alarm, electronically operated seat w/memory, split folding third-row seat, recline switch, slide/tilt switch, straps, to return to the original position, lumbar switch, third-row seat access, memory seat switch, seatback folding, lever, to program the driver\’s seat position, third-row seat, access lever, note:, second row seatback recline, to move the seat to a programmed position, with driver\’s door open and ignition off, with driver\’s door closed and ignition on, folding the second-row seats, note:, information, navigation/ passenger, lights/turn signals, display, hazard, audio, airbag off, (p. 9), (pp. 14, 15-16), warning, (pp. 21-24), indicator1, audio without, navigation, (pp. 17-18), power, liftgate, switch, (p. 2), blind spot, monitoring, (bsm), (p. 13), audio without, navigation, (pp. 19-20), headlight, leveling, traction, control, system (tcs), hood, bluetooth(r) tilt/telescoping cruise control/, wiper/, climate, seat, accessory, release, hands-free steering wheel navigation voice, washer control warmers, socket, (p. 25)/audio, lever (behind, recognition, (p. 10), (pp. 15-16), (pp. 15-16), steering wheel), instrument, fuel gauge, tachometer, gear indicator, odometer/, speedometer, engine coolant, trip meter, cluster dimmer1, trip meter2, temperature gauge, selector, glossary of warning and indicator lights, note:, brake, low engine oil pressure, low fuel, tire pressure, security indicator, monitoring system (tpms), turn signals/, door ajar, key key warning light (red), hazard warning, 4wd 4wd, automatic transmission, key indicator light (green), tcs off, key, (traction control system), a/t shift position, charging system, headlight high beam, traction control system, seat belt, check fuel cap, powertrain malfunction/, (tcs)/dynamic stability, reduced power, control (dsc), abs, cruise main indicator, (antilock brake system), bsm off, light (amber)/cruise set, (blind spot monitoring), indicator light (green), airbag/front seat belt, low washer fluid, lights on (exterior lights), check engine, pretensioner system.

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