Biofuels for Your State: Helping the Economy and the Environment

Helping the Economy and the Environment. Biofuels for. Your State. Biofuels for. Your State. Warren Gretz, NREL/PIX 00245. Chris Standlee/PIX 07264 …

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Helping the Economy and the Environment, Biofuels are liquid transportation fuels made from plant matter instead of petroleum. Bioethanol and biodiesel–the primary biofuels today–can substitute for gasoline and, diesel or be blended with them to reduce toxic air emissions. Using biofuels also reduces, greenhouse gas buildup, dependence on imported oil, and trade deficits, while supporting, local agriculture and rural economies. Ethanol–Solving, Biodiesel–an Easy Way, Local Problems, to Reduce a Dirty Problem, For Carbon Monoxide, For All Diesels, For Smog/Ozone, For Air Quality, Continued inside, Continued on back page, Ethanol–Continued from front page, Ethanol Production Facilities, in the United States, 2 (1), 3 (3), 6 (6), 4 (1), 4 (1), For Alternative Fuels Requirements, Numbers in parentheses indicate plants under construction. SOURCE: BBI INTERNATIONAL, Ethanol–Using, Local Resources, From Corn, ETHANOL INCENTIVES BY STATE, STATE ETHANOL INCENTIVES (AS OF JULY 2001), STATE, STATE EXCISE TAX EXEMPTION*, STATE PRODUCER CREDITS, From Other Starch or, Sugar, From Cellulose and Hemi-, cellulose, *Exemption per gallon of 10% blended fuel SOURCE: BBI INTERNATIONAL, Biodiesel–Continued from front page, ETHANOL INCENTIVES BY STATE, BIODIESEL REDUCES EMISSIONS, EMISSION, B100, Biodiesel–Easily Produced, From Fats or Oils, For Fleets, RESOURCES FOR MORE, INFORMATION, On biofuels generally and advanced bioethanol, technology for producing ethanol from lignocel-, lulosic biomass, On ethanol production and relevant policy, From a Growing Industry, On biodiesel production and relevant policy, On E85 vehicles and suppliers, On alternative fuels use and fueling stations, On EPAct fleet information and regulations:

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