CodeIgniter 1.7 Navigating Your Site

Chapter 1: Introduction to CodeIgniter, will introduce you to what… Chapter 2 : Setting up a CodeIgniter Site, will help you to prepare the basic

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CodeIgniter 1.7, Jose Argudo Blanco, David Upton, Chapter No. 3, Navigating Your Site
What This Book Covers, MVC: Model-View-Controller, SQL queries, Model, HTML, View, PHP logic, Controller, Controller, Model, Views, But how does all this work?, There is no need to fetch data from the database, View, Controller, Browser, There is the need to fetch some data from the database, Controller, Model,, database, database, Model, Model, Controller, Controller, View, View, Browser, Models, The welcome controller, class Welcome extends Controller, function Welcome(), {parent::Controller() }, function index(), $this->load->view(\’welcome_message\’);, [ 38 ], Working with views, [ 39 ], The default controller, CodeIgniter syntax rules, Controller, Syntax:, View, Syntax:, Types of fi les or classes on a CI site, File type, How to use it, File type, How to use it, Designing a better view

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