Cooking with Garlic Mustard and Japanese Knotweed

Chill all crust ingredients. Mix the flour with the seasonings. Cut in the oil. … Let us know by e-mailing, or posting your recipe to the …

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The youngest plants have a mild mustard flavor with hints of garlic and are great, when used raw. As they plant gets older, it will develop a stronger, more bitter, flavor. The round leaves are the least bitter. BE SURE to pull up the entire plant. The roots will keep it fresh until you\’re ready to use it. Discard the unused parts in, the trash – do not plant or compost it or you will soon have far more of it than you, want, and it\’ll be crowding out everything else in your garden and yard. Garlic Mustard Pesto (Version 1), Garlic Mustard Pesto (Version 2), Garlic Mustard and Spinach Raviolis with Garlic Mustard Pesto, Garlic Mustard Mexicali Cornbread, Garlic Mustard Scallion Cakes, Tossed Salad with Garlic Mustard, Garlic Mustard Bulgur, JAPANESE KNOTWEED, Be very careful what to do with the knotweed trimmings; trim it on site when you, pick it, as you don\’t want to be dropping any knotweed cuttings. It\’s a voracious, weed that will sprout from cuttings. Don\’t even think about composting it. Knotweed Soup, Baked Knotweed, Steamed Knotweed Sesame, Japanese Knotweed Crumble, Apple and Knotweed Pie, Knotweed Wine, Got more ideas? Let us know by e-mailing, or posting your recipe to the, Facebook page for the Richmond Floodplain Forest Restoration Project.

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