Investing in Corporate Bonds?

By investing in corporate bonds, you are lending your money to … invest in corporate bonds when they are first issued pay the face …

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Investing in corporate bonds?
Your investment checklist, Know what the investment is, Do your own research, Bond basics: Things you need to, Remember, know before investing, Tips for reading a prospectus, Yes No, What is a `corporate bond\’?, How are corporate bonds different to, government bonds, term deposits or shares?, How is a corporate bond different to a debenture?, Table 1: Some advantages and disadvantages, of corporate bonds compared to other investments, Product, Advantages, Disadvantages, Product, Advantages, Disadvantages, Corporate, Government, bonds, bonds, Shares, Term deposits, Why invest in corporate bonds?, How can you buy corporate bonds?, Can you lose money by investing in corporate bonds?, What information is available through, the company\’s website or the ASX?, Why is the prospectus important?, However, this does not mean that, ASIC has checked or endorsed the investment in any way. 1. Maturity date and term, 2. Interest rates, 3. Interest payments, 4. Financial capacity, 5. Market value, 6. Security and ranking, 7. Early redemption, 8. Investment risks, What\’s at stake for you?, What\’s at stake for you?, What\’s at stake for you?, What\’s at stake for you?, Table 2: Key indicators of a company\’s financial capacity, The company\’s financial performance over time, The company\’s level of debt or leverage (gearing ratio), The company\’s ability to pay interest on its debts, (interest coverage ratio), Table 3: Influences on market value, Interest rates have changed, The company\’s credit rating has changed, What\’s at stake for you?, There are fewer potential buyers, What\’s at stake for you?, 1: Security and ranking for corprate bonds compared, to other investments, Security/ranking, Security/ranking, Security/ranking, Security/ranking, Security/ranking, What it means, What it means, What it means, What it means, What it means, What\’s at stake for you?, Specified redemption, Unlimited redemption, Table 4: Types of risk and what they mean, Credit risk, Interest rate risk, Liquidity risk, What\’s at stake for you?, Prepayment (or early redemption) risk, 2: Key features of the corporate bonds, (presented in a prospectus), What information will you usually see in a prospectus?, What does it mean?

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