Natural Gas/Biomethane: The Key to Gaseous Fuel Vehicle Growth

9% of vehicles in world fueled with natural gas/biomethane by … economical Natural Gas/Biomethane and Hydrogen consuming vehicles

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Natural Gas/Biomethane, The Key to Gaseous Fuel Vehicle Growth, (Session 3.3), ISO Round Table on Global Harmonization, of RC&S for Gaseous Fuels & Vehicles, Geneva, Jan 10, 2007, HIERARCHY OF HONDA ENERGY CHOICES, Benefits to Society, Ultimate, Best, Better, Good, onsumption 40, nnual A, dditions and, rels, es A, eservR, d Oil, Billions of Bar, Worl, nnualA, een w, Year, ifference Bet 1940, 2000, History, Projections, Transportation, Electricity generation, Industrial, Residential and commercial, Degrees C, Northern Hemisphere, Existing NGV Refueling Stations Worldwide, Public stations: 2,400, Private stations: 2,100, Vehicle Refueling Appliance: 10,100, Trucks, Buses, Cars, Forklifts, Fleet, Passenger Vehicles, Public Fueling, Private Fleet, Home Fueling, Station, Fueling, Average CNG and Gasoline Prices, 1991 to 2005 actual annual, 2006 to 2020 projected, sales growth of 17.6%, annual sales growth, of 17.8%, r da, l pe, els of, arrB, Harmonization of Regulations, Codes & Standards for, Gaseous Fuels Vehicles and Fueling Infrastructure (natural, gas, biomethane, hydrogen) is critical to achieving our goals

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