PHP: A Beginner’s Guide – Working With XML

PHP has included support for XML since PHP 4, but it was only in PHP 5 that… initialized, it can be used to parse an XML file via its load() method, …

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PHP: A Beginner\’s Guide – Working With XML
Vikram Vaswani
Key Skills & Concepts

  • Understand basic XML concepts and technologies
  • Understand PHP’s SimpleXML and DOM extensions
  • Access and manipulate XML documents with PHP
  • Create new XML documents from scratch using PHP
  • Integrate third-party RSS feeds in a PHP application
  • Convert between SQL and XML using PHP

Q: What programs can I use to create or view an XML file?, A, Q: Can I create elements that don\’t contain anything?, A, XML Schema, XLink, XPointer, XHTML, XForms, XML Query, XML Encryption and XML Signature, MathML, SOAP, Q: When should I use an attribute, and when should I use an element?, A:

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