Remington 700 EtronX Owners Manual Book

Instruction Book for, A Tradition of Performance and Safety. Safety is Critical to Performance. THE TEN COMMANDMENTS OF FIREARM SAFETY, Always Keep the Muzzle Pointed in a Safe Direction. Firearms Should be Unloaded When Not Actually in Use.

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Remington 700 EtronX Owners Manual Book
Don\’t Rely on Your Gun\’s Safety. Be Sure of Your Target and What\’s Beyond It. 5, Use Proper Ammunition. Reloading Requires Extra Diligence. If Your Gun Fails to Fire When the Trigger is Pulled, Handle With Care, Always Wear Eye and Ear Protection When Shooting. Be Sure the Barrel is Clear of Obstructions Before Shooting.Don\’t Alter or Modify Your Gun and Have it Serviced Regularly, Learn the Mechanics and Handling Characteristics of Your Firearm. WARNING!, DON\’T KEEP THIS TO YOURSELF. CAUTION, Remington Model 700, ETRONX, Bolt Action Rifle, Bolt Assembly, Chamber, Barrel, Safety Mechanism, Ejection Port, Stock, Receiver, Muzzle, Magazine Floor Plate, Trigger, Bolt Stop Release, Key Switch, Trigger Guard, Bolt Handle, CARTRIDGE, CASE, BULLET, Firearm Safety, Model 700, ETRONX, Technology Overview, OFF, U.S. Patents 5,755,056; 5,779,433; 5,806,266; 5,987,798 and other Patents Pending. The Operating Sequence, (I), LED OFF, OFF, (O), Important Parts of the Firearm, The Safety Mechanism, The Key Switch, OFF/DISABLED (O), OFF/DISABLED, MUST, ON/ENABLED (I), ON/ENABLED, OFF/DISABLED (O), ON/ENABLED (I), The Light Emitting Diode, The LED flashes are described as follows, LED ON, MUST, OFF/DISABLED (O), ON/ENABLED (I), The Battery, TO REMOVE AND INSTALL THE BATTERY, OFF/DISABLED (O), The Bolt Assembly, TO INSTALL THE BOLT ASSEMBLY, OFF/DISABLED (O), TO REMOVE THE BOLT ASSEMBLY, OFF/DISABLED (O), Firearm Assembly and Disassembly, TO DISASSEMBLE, OFF/DISABLED (O), TO ASSEMBLE, The Trigger Assembly, TRIGGER ADJUSTMENT, ALWAYS, TO ADJUST TRIGGER PULL FORCE, WARNING, The Barrel, I. TO CHECK THE INSIDE OF THE BARREL, OFF/DISABLED (O), II. TO REMOVE OBJECT FROM INSIDE THE BARREL, III. TO CLEAN THE BARREL, FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS SHOWN ON PAGE 15. To Load the Firearm, I. TO LOAD ONE CARTRIDGE ONLY, OFF/DISABLED (O), THE FIREARM IS NOW LOADED. ON/ENABLED (I), THE FIREARM IS READY TO FIRE. THE FIREARM IS AGAIN READY TO FIRE. II. TO LOAD THE CHAMBER MAGAZINE, SPECIAL NOTICE, OFF/DISABLED (O), ahead, RIGHT, WRONG, THE CHAMBER AND MAGAZINE ARE NOW FULLY LOADED. ON/ENABLED (I), THE FIREARM IS READY TO FIRE. THE FIREARM IS AGAIN READY TO FIRE. To Unload the Firearm, OFF/DISABLED (O), Lubrication and Maintenance, TO CLEAN THE BARREL, NOT, OFF/DISABLED (O), TO CLEAN THE RECEIVER AND TRIGGER ASSEMBLY, TO ASSEMBLE, CLEANING FREQUENCY, How to Obtain Parts and Service From Remington. TO ORDER PARTS, Please have the following information ready before you call. REPAIR SERVICES, Print the \”Repair Order\” provided and package with the firearm. Ship to, MODEL 700, ETRONX, Bolt Action Centerfire Rifle, MODEL 700, ETRONX, Bolt Action Centerfire Rifle, PARTS LIST, TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE, PROBLEM, POSSIBLE CAUSES, POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS, OFF/DISABLED (0), ON/ENABLE (I), F-FIRE. F-FIRE

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