Sony PRS-300 Digital Book Reader User’s Guide

User’s Guide. 4-151-151-12(1). Digital Book Reader. Jump to the table of contents ….. In this manual, the operating instructions of the Reader are …

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Digital Book Reader, Soni PRS-300 manual, Sony PRS-300 user guide

  • User\’s Guide
  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction
    • What You Can Do with the Reader
  • Getting Started
    • Parts and Controls
    • Turning on the Reader
      • Turning on the Reader
      • About the sleep mode of the Reader
    • Charging the Reader
      • About charging
      • Charging the Reader via USB connection
    • Installing eBook Library
    • Basic Menu Operations
  • Importing and Transferring Content
    • Importing Content
      • Authorizing the Reader and your computer
      • Downloading eBooks from eBook store
      • Importing content to eBook Library
    • Transferring Content
      • Transferring content to the Reader
      • Synchronizing content in Library with theReader
  • Reading Books
    • Reading Books
      • Reading Books
      • Selecting a book
      • About the Options menu
      • Operations on the book page
    • Using the Useful Features
      • Adjusting text size
      • Creating a bookmark on a page
      • Switching screen orientation (vertical/horizonta
      • Jumping to the specified number pagedirectly
      • Going back to previously displayed pages
      • Deleting a book
      • Checking the book information
  • Settings
    • Changing Settings
      • Changing Settings
      • Settings menu items
      • Advanced Settings menu items
  • Troubleshooting
    • Troubleshooting
      • Troubleshooting
      • Restoring default settings
    • Uninstalling eBook Library
  • Other Information
    • Updating the Readers Firmware
    • About Books Pre-installed onReader
    • Notes on Reader Disposal
    • Precautions
      • Precautions
      • On safety
      • Note on use
      • On heat build-up
      • On software
    • On Cleaning
    • On Copyrights
      • On Copyrights
    • Specifications
    • Index
Download Sony PRS-300 Digital Book Reader User's Guide pdf from, 92 pages, 1748.26KB.
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