The Facts About LNG

International and National Efforts to Address the safety and Security Risks of Importing Liquefied natural Gas: A Compendium. …

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The Facts About LNG

  • Introduction to LNG
  • History of Major LNG Incidents
  • Mechanics of Gas “Explosions”
  • Cleveland, 1944
  • Skikda, 2004
  • Introduction
  • Ignition of LNG
  • Vaporization of LNG
  • Vapor mixing with air
  • Ignition sources
  • Ignition of an LNG vapor cloud
  • Gas Explosions
  • Design and Construction of LNG Ships
  • Ship Design and LNG Cargo System Types
  • Self-Supporting Spherical:
  • Self-Supporting Prismatic Shape:
  • Membrane:
  • Double-Hull Integrity
  • El Paso Paul Kayser Grounding
  • Collision of the Yuyo Maru No. 10
  • Terrorist Attack on the Limburg Crude Oil Tanker
  • Credible LNG Spill Scenarios
  • Introduction
  • LNG Ship Incidents
  • Worse Case Fire
  • Worse Case Vapor Travel
  • Credible Incidents
  • Rebuttal of “The Risks and Danger of LNG”
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