Things You Need to Know for Travel to India

harsh or unfair, but, it is a precondition of travel to India and … Your local guide will certainly be pleased to receive a tip at the end of your stay.

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Things You Need to Know for Travel to India
India – A land for all reasons, all seasons. Thank you for using DISCOVER ASIA in the planning of your tour to India. You will find plenty more, information to assist in planning your tour on our website, For information about cities and sights in India – see `Glossary of Cities\’, For our Booking Conditions – see Booking Conditions under India, * For our Booking Form – see Booking Form on our Home Page, For assistance in designing an Independent Tour – see Independent Tour Request, PRE-TOUR INFORMATION, ALTERATION TO ITINERARY, CASH/TRAVELLERS CHEQUES/CREDIT CARDS, CLIMATE, CLOTHING, COMMUNICATIONS, CUSTOMS REGULATIONS, ELECTRICITY, EMERGENCY, HYGIENE/HEALTH, HOTEL ACCOMMODATION, LAUNDRY, LANGUAGE, LUGGAGE, MEALS/DRINK, PHYSICAL EXERTION/FREE TIME, RELIGION, SHOPPING/PRICES, TIPPING/GIFTS, TOUR ESCORT, VISA:

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