Yamaha FJR13AV(C) Owners Manual and Maintenance guide

INTRODUCTION. EAU10080. Congratulations on your purchase of the Yamaha FJR13AV(C ). This model is the result of Yamaha’s vast experience in …

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Yamaha FJR13AV(C) Owners Manual and Maintenance guide
SAFETY INFORMATION…1-1 Location of important labels…1-5 DESCRIPTION…2-1 Left view…2-1 Right view…2-2 Controls and instruments…2-3 INSTRUMENT AND CONTROL FUNCTIONS…3-1 Main switch/steering lock…3-1 Indicator and warning lights…3-2 Speedometer…3-3 Tachometer…3-3 Multi-function display…3-4 Handlebar switches…3-8 Clutch lever…3-10 Shift pedal…3-11 Brake lever…3-11 Brake pedal…3-11 ABS…3-12 Fuel tank cap…3-12 Fuel…3-13 Catalytic converter…3-14 Seats…3-14 Adjusting the rider seat height…3-16 Storage compartments…3-18 Accessory box…3-18 Adjusting the headlight beams…3-19 Handlebar position…3-19 Opening and closing the cowlings… 3-20 Rear view mirrors… 3-21 Adjusting the front fork… 3-21 Adjusting the shock absorber assembly… 3-23 Sidestand… 3-24 Ignition circuit cut-off system… 3-25 Auxiliary DC jack… 3-27 PRE-OPERATION CHECKS… 4-1 Pre-operation check list… 4-2 OPERATION AND IMPORTANT RIDING POINTS… 5-1 Starting the engine… 5-1 Shifting… 5-2 Engine break-in… 5-3 Parking… 5-4 PERIODIC MAINTENANCE AND MINOR REPAIR… 6-1 PERIODIC MAINTENANCE… 6-1 Owner\’s tool kit… 6-1 Periodic maintenance chart for the emission control system… 6-3 General maintenance and lubrication chart… 6-4 Removing and installing panels… 6-8 Checking the spark plugs… 6-11 Canister (for California only)… 6-12 Engine oil and oil filter cartridge… 6-13 Final gear oil… 6-15 Coolant… 6-17 Cleaning the air filter element… 6-18 Checking the throttle cable free play… 6-20 Valve clearance… 6-20 Tires… 6-20 Cast wheels… 6-23 Accessories and replacement parts… 6-23 Clutch lever… 6-24 Adjusting the rear brake light switch… 6-24 Checking the front and rear brake pads… 6-25 Checking the brake and clutch fluid levels… 6-25 Changing the brake and clutch fluids… 6-27 Checking and lubricating the cables… 6-27 Checking and lubricating the throttle grip and cable… 6-27 Checking and lubricating the brake and shift pedals… 6-28 Checking and lubricating the brake and clutch levers… 6-28 Checking and lubricating the centerstand and sidestand… 6-29 Lubricating the swingarm pivots… 6-29 Lubricating the rear suspension…6-30 Checking the front fork…6-30 Checking the steering…6-31 Checking the wheel bearings…6-31 Battery…6-32 Replacing the fuses…6-33 Replacing a headlight bulb…6-34 Front turn signal light…6-36 Replacing a rear turn signal light bulb or a tail/brake light bulb…6-36 Replacing the license plate light bulb…6-37 Troubleshooting…6-37 Troubleshooting charts…6-38 MOTORCYCLE CARE AND STORAGE…7-1 Care…7-1 Storage…7-3 SPECIFICATIONS…8-1 CONSUMER INFORMATION…9-1 Identification numbers…9-1 Reporting safety defects…9-3 Motorcycle noise regulation…9-4 Maintenance record…9-5 YAMAHA MOTOR CORPORATION, U.S.A. STREET AND ENDURO MOTORCYCLE LIMITED WARRANTY… 9-7 YAMAHA EXTENDED SERVICE (Y.E.S.)… 9-9

Download Yamaha FJR13AV(C) Owners Manual and Maintenance guide pdf from www.yamaha-motor.com, 111 pages, 5074.4KB.
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