1988 Jeep Cherokee Universal Joints

UNIVERSAL JOINTS. 1988 Jeep Cherokee. 1988 Drive Shafts – Universal Joints. All Manufacturers. MAINTENANCE. Whenever drive shaft is removed from vehicle of …

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Whenever drive shaft is removed from vehicle of if slip yoke sticks in extension housing seal, clean yoke with solvent. Lubricate inside diameter of seal with synthetic oil seal lubricant, and outside diameter of seal with transmission fluid.
Exploded View of Jeep Constant Velocity Type Universal Joint
Remove retaining strap (if equipped). Remove bushing retainers from yoke. Press out rollers and bearings. Remove last roller and bushing assembly by pressing on end of cross shaft.
Remove cross shaft assembly from yoke. DO NOT remove seal retainers from cross shaft. Cross shaft and retainers are serviced as an assembly. Reassembly 1) Coat roller and bearing assemblies with lubricant, and fill reservoirs in ends of cross. Place cross assembly in drive shaft yoke, and place roller and bushing assemblies into position. 2) Press both bushing assemblies into yoke until retainers can be installed, being careful to keep cross aligned in center of bushings. Install retainers, then repeat procedure for remaining bushings.

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