2003 Mazda 6 Owners Manual and Maintenance Guide

A Word to Mazda Owners, Mazda North American Operations, Important Notes About This Manual, Air Conditioning and the Environment, Please be aware that this manual applies to all models, equipment and options. As a result, you may find, some explanations for equipment not installed on your vehicle.

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2003 Mazda 6 Owners Manual and Maintenance Guide
How to Use This Manual, Index, WARNING, A WARNING indicates a situation in, which serious injury or death could, result if the warning is ignored. CAUTION, NOTE, Table of Contents, Your Vehicle at a Glance, Essential Safety Equipment, Knowing Your Mazda, Before Driving Your Mazda, Driving Your Mazda, Interior Comfort, In Case of an Emergency, Maintenance and Care, Customer Information, Specifications, Index, Dashboard Overview, Interior Overview, Exterior Overview, Dashboard Overview, Interior Overview, Exterior Overview, Seats, Seat Belt Systems, Child Restraint, SRS Air Bags, Seats, Seat Slide, Front Seats, (Manually operated seats), Driver\’s Seat Adjustment, Securing the Seats, Adjusting the driver\’s seat while the, Adjustable seats and seatbacks that, vehicle is moving is dangerous. The, are not securely locked are, driver could lose control of the vehicle, dangerous. In a sudden stop or, and have an accident. Adjust the, collision, the seat or seatback could, driver\’s seat only when the vehicle is, move, causing injury. Make sure the, stopped. adjustable components of the seat are, locked in place by attempting to slide, the seat forward and backward and, rocking the seatback. (Electrically operated seats), Seat Recline, Reclining, Sitting in a reclined position while the, vehicle is moving is dangerous, because you don\’t get the full, protection from seat belts. During, sudden braking or a collision, you, can slide under the lap belt and suffer, serious internal injuries. For, maximum protection, sit well back, and upright. Unlocked Seatback, A seatback plays an important role in, your protection in a vehicle. Leaving, the seatback unlocked is dangerous as, it can allow passengers to be ejected, or thrown around and baggage to, strike occupants in a sudden stop or, collision, resulting in severe injury. After adjusting the seatback at any, time, even when there are no other, passengers, rock the seatback to make, sure it is locked in place. Seat Height Adjustment (Driver\’s, Seat), Height adjustment, Front height adjustment, Lumbar Support Adjustment, Rear height adjustment, (Driver\’s Seat), Head Restraint, Seat Warmer, Head Restraints Adjustment, Driving with the head restraints, adjusted too low or removed is, dangerous. With no support behind, your head, your neck could be, seriously injured in a collision. Always drive with the head restraints, inserted when seats are being used, and make sure they are properly, adjusted. Rear Seat, Passenger on the Folded Seatback, Driving with a passenger on the, folded seatback is dangerous. Stacking Cargo, Allowing a child to sit up on the, Stacking luggage or other cargo, folded seatback while the vehicle is, higher than the seatbacks, and, moving is particularly dangerous. In, putting things on the rear package, a sudden stop or even a minor, tray is dangerous. During sudden, collision, a child not in a proper seat, braking or a collision, objects can, or child-restraint system and seat belt, become projectiles that may hit and, could be thrown forward, back or, injure passengers. Don\’t stack things, even out of the car resulting in, higher than the seatbacks or put, serious injuries or death. The child or, things on the rear package tray. other objects in the baggage area, could be thrown into other occupants, Securing Seats, and cause serious injury. Never allow, a passenger to sit or stand on the, moving. Children and the Folding Rear Seats, Playing with the folding rear seats is, locked in place. dangerous. Once the seats are back, up, a child in the trunk would not be, able to get out the way they had, entered. If you have small children,, keep the seatbacks locked. Do not give, the car keys to children and do not, allow them to play in the vehicle. After returning the seatback at any, Split-Folding Rear Seatback, To fold the seatbacks, Folding Seatbacks with Remote, Handle Levers, Not checking the rear seat area before, folding the seatbacks with the remote, handle levers is dangerous. The rear, seat area is difficult to see from the, rear of the vehicle. Operating the, remote handle levers without, checking could cause injury to a, person when a seatback suddenly, flips forward. Make sure to check the, rear seat area before operating the, remote handle levers. Operating the Remote Handle Levers, While a Rear-Facing Child-Restraint, System is in the Rear Seat, Operating the remote handle levers, while a rear-facing child-restraint, system is in the rear seat is, dangerous. It could cause injury to a, child seated in the child-restraint, system when the seatback suddenly, flips forward. Always remove the, child-restraint system from the rear, seat before operating the remote, handle levers for the rear seat. To return the seatbacks to the upright, Armrest, position, Seat Belts Caught Under Seatbacks, A seat belt caught under a seatback, after the seatback is returned to its, upright position is dangerous. In a, collision or sudden stop, the seat belt, cannot provide adequate protection. Always make sure the seat belts are, fully pulled out from under the, seatbacks. Seat Belt Systems, Seat Belt Precautions, 2-10

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