2003 Mazda Truck Quick Tips and Guide

NORMAL, SPECIAL, 5,000 miles, 15,000 miles, 30,000 miles, A B, I J, Special operating conditions, 45,000 miles, A C, 60,000 miles, A B D, K L, 75,000 miles, A C, 90,000 miles, A B, 100,000 miles, E F, Normal operating conditions, Perform maintenance, as required…

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2003 Mazda Truck Quick Tips and Guide
Tip: Use key number, plate to purchase, new key; store in, safe place, DOOR, AJAR, CHECK, GAGE, 50 60 70, RPMx1000, 100 120, SPEED, CHECK, CONT, ENGINE, FUEL DOOR, CHECK, FUEL, km/h, BRAKE, THEFT, AUTO, UNLO, WARNING: Do not reset, shutoff switch if you see, or smell fuel, Tip: To lock mirrors in place,, move control switch (1) to, center position, Tip: Battery saver shuts, off interior lamps after 45, minutes with ignition off, WARNING: Make, sure adjuster locks, in one of its, WARNINGS: Do not adjust, positions, seats while driving, Safety belts must always, be worn when vehicle, is in motion, All air bags are supplemental, and do not replace safety, belt usage, Always wear your safety belt, and properly secure children, If you install a front-facing, child-seat, put it in the outboard, seat and slide it all the way, rearward, PASSENGER AIR BAG, For Cab-Plus vehicles, do not, put child restraints in the center, facing jump seats, for complete, details see Owner\’s Manual, Tip: Turn ignition off when, WARNING: Use age, disabling passenger front air bag, appropriate child restraints,, WARNINGS: When using a, see Owner\’s Manual and, rear-facing infant-safety seat, state or province laws, always set the passenger seat, air bag deactivation switch to, OFF position, an infant is in, serious danger of being injured, or killed if front passenger air, bag is deployed, 8 6 9 10, 11 12, VOL-PUSH ON, FM 1, BASS, TREB, FADE, DISC, SEEK, TUNE, COMP, DISCS, SHUFFLE, 9 10 11, Tip: Insert CD only when, open, 21 20, Tip: Press and hold AM/FM (21), to enable/disable the AUTO, STORE function which stores, the six strongest stations in, memory preset buttons (19), Tip: A flashing Overdrive, Off light indicates a system, malfunction; dealer, inspection required, Tip: Torque converter lock-up, improves fuel economy and, can feel like an additional gear, HIGH, Tip: Extended use of other than, manufacturer\’s specified tires, Tip: You do not need to shift, on a limited-slip rear axle may, into reverse to disengage, result in damage, this may not, front hubs, affect normal driving and may, not be noticeable by the driver, Tip: Pulsation may occur during, cornering in 4X4 mode, Tips: To prevent moisture, buildup, never drive with, system off, When, , or, selected,, air is dried when temperature, is above 50 F, Tips: Maintain constant, pressure on the brake pedal, Do not pump the brakes, Tip: Follow the same break-in, period procedures with newly, overhauled engine or when, brakes are replaced, Tips: Use only SAE class \”S\”, chains, install only on rear tires;, install as tightly as possible, and retighten periodically, Never exceed 30 mph with, tire chains, 2.3-Liter Engine, 3.0-Liter Engine, 4.0-Liter Engine, WARNING: Never remove, coolant reserve tank cap, while engine is running or, hot; you could get burned

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