2004 Mazda MPV Quick Tips Guide Manual

Hood release handle 15. Fuse panel 16. Wiper/washer lever, 7. Gasoline, MPV Quick Tips(R) are designed, to quickly familiarize you with, some important features of, your MPV, This Driver’s View tab is your, ACCEL, MODE, CANC

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2004 Mazda MPV Quick Tips Guide Manual
Index to the Quick Tips(R), locate, COAST, the item you would like to, learn more about and then, turn to the listed tab, Be sure to see the tab called, Getting Started, this section, contains important operating, 24 2322 21 20, tips about your MPV, Items identified with, this symbol call out, important information, LOCK, UNLOCK, 2 (Fog Lights), Fog Lights On, REAR, CANCEL, WARNING: Read all information, and warnings related to power, sliding doors in Owner\’s Manual, Tips: The system operates only, in PARK position, The system may not operate, correctly if battery voltage, is low, Tip: Each time switch is, Tip: If the system is, Tip: Make sure MAIN, pressed, a beeper will, completely inoperative,, SWITCH is in ON position, sound, this is normal, both sliding doors can be, operated manually, Tip: Make sure fuel lid is closed, before opening left side sliding, door, fuel lid cannot be opened, with left siding door open, 2 16, 1716 18, 70 80, km/h, x1000r/min, 5-SPEED AT.
Tip: To shift from P smoothly,, depress brake pedal firmly, before moving shift lever,, ignition switch must be in, ACC or ON position, Tip: Torque converter lock-up, improves fuel economy and, can feel like an additional gear, AUTO, Tip: Doors can be locked, Tip: To lock mirrors in place,, with key in ignition (chime, move switch (1) to center position, sounds to alert you that, key is in ignition), Tip: Use key number plate, to purchase a new key; store, in safe place separate, from vehicle, WARNING: Since children, may access either rear door,, child-safety locks for both rear, doors should be activated, WARNINGS: Do not adjust, seats while driving, Safety belts must always be, worn when vehicle is in motion, All air bags are supplemental and, do not replace safety belt usage, Always wear your safety belt,
WARNINGS: Make sure adjuster, and properly secure children, locks in one of its positions, 12 and under in a rear seat, Removing and reinstalling, Use age appropriate child, front seats for modification, restraints and safety seats, see, purposes is dangerous and, Owner\’s Manual and state or, may compromise the air, province laws, bag system, Never place rear-facing infantsafety seat in front of any air, bag, an infant is in serious, danger of being injured or killed, If you must install a, forward-facing child-safety,
WARNING: Do not use front, seat in the front seating, passenger seat side table, position, move vehicle seat, while vehicle is in motion, as far back as possible, WARNING: Read all, information and warnings, in Owner\’s Manual and, attached to seat before, using child-safety seat,
WARNING: Make sure all, adjustable seats are properly, latched, because during a, sudden stop or collision the, seat or seatback could move, causing injury, 0 REAR 1, Tip: Indicator light stays, on during defroster, ON/OFF cycling, REAR, Tips: To help prevent windshield, fogging in humid weather,, select, before starting engine, To prevent moisture buildup,, never drive with system off, Objects placed under the front, seats may interfere with air, flow to the rear, 6 26 7, DISC IN, FM/AM, MD/TAPE, CLOCK, LOAD, Tips: Rotate (11) to display, complete song titles, H SCAN, SEEK, Some song titles will not, TRACK, DISP/ESN, M AUTO-M, display, see Owner\’s Manual, VOL PUSH POWER, 1 DISC, 2 DISC, 3 RPT, 4 PROG, TUNE PUSH AUDIO CONT.

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