2006 Mazda 3 Quick Tips Guide Manual

2. 0L/2. Mirror controls*, see Switches see Audio Systems see Transaxle 4. Air vents CAUTION: Use plastic 6. Use plastic, bottles with caps, cups may, spill when door is closed, LOCK, MAZDA3 Quick Tips(R)….

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2006 Mazda 3 Quick Tips Guide Manual
UNLOCK, designed to quickly familiarize, you with some important, features of your MAZDA3, The Driver\’s View tab is your, index to the Quick Tips(R), locate, the item you would like to, learn more about and then, turn to the listed tab, This Getting Started section, contains important operating, tips about your MAZDA3, Items identified in blue text, call out important information, WARNINGS: Never place, rear-facing infant-safety, seat in front of any air bag,, an infant is in serious danger, of being injured or killed, If you must install a forwardfacing child-safety seat in the, front seating position, move, vehicle seat as far back as possible, Tip: Telescopic function allows, steering wheel to be adjusted, closer or farther according to, driver\’s reach, WARNING: Do not adjust, steering-wheel while driving, AUTO, CANCEL, COAST, Tip: Headlights switch off,, parking lights remain on,, if lights are left on and, switch is in lock position, or key removed, REAR, MODE, 180 200, km/h, x1000, CRUISE, CRUISE, MAIN, Tips: Maintain constant, pressure on the brake pedal, Do not pump the brakes, FERME, Tip: Use key number, plate to purchase a new, key; store in safe place, separate from vehicle, WARNINGS: Since children, may access either rear door,, child-safety locks for both rear, doors should be activated, Never leave a child in car, with key in ignition, Tip: To lock mirrors in, place, move control switch, to center position, DOOR, FFO, SLIDE, TILT, Tips: Do not shift into, 1st above 20 mph or clutch, failure could occur, Resting your foot on clutch, pedal while driving or using, the clutch to hold your vehicle, at a standstill while waiting, on a hill may reduce clutch life, WARNING: Make sure, adjuster locks in one of, its positions, Tip: Side-impact air bags*, deploy from outboard, side of front seatbacks, WARNINGS: Do not adjust, seats while driving, Safety belts must always be, worn when vehicle is in motion, Air bags are supplemental, and do not replace safety, belt usage, Always wear your safety belt, and properly secure children, 12 and under in the rear seat, Never place rear-facing, infant-safety seat in front, of any air bag, an infant is, in serious danger of being, injured or killed, Tip: 4-Door has seatback locks, as part of trunk security, WARNING: Lower seatback, slowly using both hands,, Use age appropriate child, seatback is heavy and could, restraints, see Owner\’s Manual, cause personal injury, and state or province laws, PUSH, WARNING: Do not use, position in cold weather;

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