BMW Maintenance Programs – BMW Z4 Model 2004

BMW Maintenance Programs BMW Z4 Model 2004, Exclusions from coverage, 2004 BMW Z4 model vehicles, Should you request more frequent, maintenance service, the cost of these, services will not be covered by the, Maintenance Program.

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Coverage, Full Maintenance, Maintenance Intervals, Maintenance System, Maintenance intervals on motor vehicles have, conventionally been specified based upon, avoid, accumulated mileage. However, the type of, driving your BMW when the \”–\” symbol is, driving conditions has a major influence on, showing,, routine maintenance requirements; distance, traveled is only one of the significant factors. A vehicle driven for 50,000 miles of short trips, in the city with numerous cold starts, prolonged periods of idling, stop-and-go driving,, and high engine speeds during acceleration, requires more frequent maintenance intervals, than a vehicle driven for 50,000 miles for long, distances at low engine speeds primarily at, operating temperature. service interval indicator, Unscheduled Maintenance, Quality Certification I, FREE OF CHARGE, Special Note, Engine Oil Service, Engine Compartment, Inspection I, Undercarriage, Body/Electrical, Final Inspection, Inspection II, Brake Fluid Service, Oxygen Sensor Service, Spark Plug Service, Automatic Transmission Service, Emission Control Maintenance Schedule BMW Z4 2.5i/3.0i, BMW Z4 2.5i/3.0i, Basic Engine, Fuel System, Ignition System, Emission Control Components, Battery Care, Restoring corrosion protection, BMW will not accept any liability for any parts, and accessories not approved by BMW. Underbody maintenance, Corrosion Protection, WARNING, Body Inspection.
Tabel of Contents

  • Maintenance Program… 1
  • Maintenance System… 2-3
  • Quality Certification I… 4
  • Unscheduled Maintenance… 4
  • Engine Oil Service… 5
  • Inspection I… 6,7
  • Inspection II… 8
  • Brake Fluid, Oxygen Sensor, Spark Plug, Automatic Transmission Services… 8
  • Special Maintenance Record… 9
  • Scheduled Maintenance, Oil Service Record… 10-12
  • Emission Control Maintenance Schedule… 13
  • Battery Care… 14
  • Corrosion Protection… 14
  • Body Inspection… 15-20
  • Customer Assistance Information… 21
  • Customer Assistance Notification… 22
  • BMW Import Processing Centers… 22
  • Special Programs… 22
  • Roadside Assistance
    • Owner\’s Eligibility… 23
    • Getting Started… 23
    • Calling for Assistance… 23
    • Dispatch Service… 24
    • On-Site Assistance… 24
    • Lock Out… 24
    • Towing Service… 24
    • Sign-and-Drive… 24
    • Auto Valet Service… 24
    • Personalized Trip Routing… 25
    • Trip Interruption Benefits… 25
    • Car Rental Discounts… 25
    • Exclusions… 25
  • Summary of BMW Limited Warranties… 26
  • New Vehicle Limited Warranty… 27,28
  • Limited Warranty Rust Perforation… 29
  • Federal Emission System Defect Warranty… 30,31
  • Federal Emission Performance Warranty… 32,33
  • California Emission Control Warranty Statement… 34
  • California Emission Control System Limited Warranty… 35-37
  • Notice of Owner/Address Change… 38
  • Tire Warranty Statement… 38


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