CASE Hydraulic Excavator Specifications, Technical Data, Brochures

Hydraulic Excavator. Operating weight: 13 tons. Isuzu engine: 69 kW (94 hp). Backhoe buckets: 150 to 770 L. For quick attachment changing, a hydraulic quick coupler is recommended.

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CASE Hydraulic Excavator Specifications, Technical Data, Brochures
Latest generation engine, meeting future European standards (Tier II \”low smoke emission\” regulations applicable as of January 2003). Make… ISUZU Type… BB-4BG1T Turbo… Yes Injection… electronically controlled No. of cylinders…4 Bore – Stroke… 105 x 125 mm Cubic capacity… 4329 cm3 EEC 1289 horsepower… 69 kW – 94 hp Vitesse de rotation… 2100 rpm Automatic engine pre-heating provides for optimum and immediate operation as soon as the working temperature is reached, a guarantee of longer life for the engine and the hydraulic components. The injection pump is directly, electronically controlled by a special calculator which takes the hydraulic system load parameters into account. Regulation is quicker and more efficient than on conventional systems, reducing smoke and noise emissions and also significantly reducing fuel consumption.
SWING Axial piston, fixed flow motor Max upperstructure swing speed…13.4 rpm Swing torque…3300 daN Hydraulic system gives priority to the swing when operated simultaneously with the dipper. Hydrostatic swing brake backed up by mechanical brake during swing stopping and when machine is being transported. Hydrostatic upperstructure braking during working phases, with an \”anti-bounce\” valve stopping neatly and accurately over a truck body or trench. Backhoe clamshell circuit operated by means of a manual control on the dipper. Auxiliary circuit Using the auxiliary section available as standard, a maximum number of different tools and assemblies can be used, to suit customer requirements (See options). FILTRATION: Exceptionally fine protection of all hydraulic system components by means of the \”ULTRA CLEAN\” system (a special filter which removes all particles over 1 micron in size, as well as all traces of water condensation). The use of this system means the hydraulic fluid retains all its qualities for 5000 hours, thus reducing servicing intervals and maintenance costs. The hydraulic system is also equipped with an inlet filter, a return filter and a filter on the pilot circuit. TRAVEL: The travel circuit is equipped with two axial piston, variable flow motors. Planetary reduction gear, automatic multi-disc brake. Max travel speed… 5.5 kph Low travel speed… 3.8 kph Speed change is controlled from the instrument panel. Gradeability… 70% (35) Tractive force… 10000 daN
Linked to the engine power management electronic system, a second electronic system manages all the hydraulic parameters so as to obtain the highest possible available hydraulic power, under optimum conditions of efficiency and economy. The system consists of two axial piston, variable flow pumps. Max output…2 x 123 l/min Max safety valve pressure Attachment / Power Boost… 343/363 bar Upperstructure swing… 280 bar Travel… 343 bar CONTROL VALVES 4 sections for: LH travel, boom, bucket, and dipper acceleration 5 sections for: RH travel, swing, dipper, auxiliary circuit and boom acceleration.
Circuit…24 volts Batteries :…2 x 12 v – 70 A/h Circuit equipped with water-proof connectors Alternator…24 v – 40 A/h
The LC type \”X\” design, strongly built undercarriage provides for quick travel over all types of work-site and better stability when working or travelling under load. Perfectly protected motors and piping, a guard underneath the hydraulic swivel, high ground clearance – for easy access to the most difficult work-sites. Spring-type track tensioning, adjustable by an easily accessible grease cylinder. Specifications (per track set): Upper rollers… 1 Lower rollers… 7 Number of track pads… 44 Type of shoes… Triple grouser Standard track pad width… 600 mm Chain guides… Front and central
Hydraulic reservoir … 73 Hydraulic system … 123 Travel reduction gear (per side)… 3 Swing reduction gear … 2,2 Engine (including filter change) … 15 Fuel tank … 250

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