Computers and Logic Circuits

COMPUTERS AND LOGIC CIRCUITS. Dealing with computers can seem overwhelming for those who are accustomed to working with mechanical systems. …

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Computers and Logic Circuits
This chapter is divided into the following sections: Analog and Digital Inputs Analog and Digital Outputs Signals, including. Analog and digital wave forms AID converters D/A converters Microprocessor Random Access Memory (RAM) Read-Only Memory (ROM) Programmable Read-Only Memory (PROM) Logic Circuits INPUTS As demonstrated in the previous chapter, the ECU, as well as any other automobile computer, depends on sensors to monitor various system functions and report their status back to the computer. Once the computer receives the data from the sensors, it analyzes it against preprogrammed standards and acts accordingly. One problem with many of these inputs is that they do not speak the same language as the computer. The computer only understands digital signals or on/off signals. A resistive type sensor provides the computer

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