Das HTC Wildfire User Guide and Manual

A tip gives you an alternative way to do a particular step or procedure, or lets you know of an option that you may find helpful. Restarting or factory resetting your phone 18Specifications 184Index 18510 Your HTC Wildfire user guide BasicsInside the boxYou will find the following inside the box: Phone Battery (preinstalled) microSD card (preinstalled) USB cable

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Das HTC Wildfire User Guide and Manual
ContentsBasics 10Inside the box 10Your phone 10Back cover 1SIM card 1Battery 14Storage card 16Getting started 17Switching your phone on or off 17Entering your PIN 17Setting up your phone for the first time 18Home screen 19Sleep mode 0Status and notifications 1Opening the Notifications panel Finger gestures 4Using the optical trackball to interact with the touch screen 5Adjusting the volume 7Connecting your phone to a computer 8Copying files to or from the storage card 9Searching your phone and the Web 9Personalizing 31Changing the ringtone 1Personalizing your phone with scenes 1Changing your wallpaper Personalizing your Home screen with widgets Adding application icons and other shortcuts on your Home screen 4Adding folders on your Home screen 5Rearranging or removing widgets and icons on your Home screen 6Phone calls 37Making calls 7Receiving calls 406 Your HTC Wildfire user guide HTC Caller ID 41Using in-call options 4Using Call history 44Call services 46Turning Airplane mode on or off 46People 47About People 47Ways of getting contacts into your phone 47Transferring contacts from your old phone 48People screen 49Contact groups 55Contact information and conversations 56People widget 58Keyboard 60Using the onscreen keyboard 60Entering words with predictive text 6Adjusting touch input settings 6Messages 64About Messages 64Sending a text message (SMS) 64Sending a multimedia message (MMS) 65Resuming a draft message 67Viewing and replying to a message 67Managing message conversations 69Setting message options 70Accounts and sync 72Synchronizing with online accounts 7About HTC Sync 74Social 75About Facebook for HTC Sense 75Using Friend Stream 76
Tweeting on your phone 78Chatting in Google Talk 80Contents 7Email 83Using Gmail/Google Mail 8Using Mail 89Calendar 96About Calendar 96Creating a calendar event 96Changing calendar views 98Viewing, editing or deleting an event 99Calendar event reminders 100Displaying and synchronizing calendars 101Changing Calendar settings 10Sending a vCalendar 10About the Calendar widget 10Clock and Weather 104About the HTC Clock widget 104About the Clock application 104Using Desk Clock 105Using World Clock 106Setting the alarm clock 107Checking weather 109About the Weather widget 110Internet connections 111Data connection 111Wi-Fi 11Using the Data connection and Wi-Fi widgets 11Connecting to a virtual private network (VPN) 114Using your phone as a modem (tethering) 115Web browser 116Using your phone\’s web browser 116Copying text, looking up information, and sharing 10Viewing bookmarks and previously visited pages 1Setting browser options 18 Your HTC Wildfire user guide Bluetooth 124Bluetooth basics 14Connecting a Bluetooth headset or car kit 14Disconnecting or unpairing from a Bluetooth device 15Sending information using Bluetooth 16Receiving information using Bluetooth 17
Camera 130Camera basics 10Auto focusing 11Zooming 11Taking a photo 1Capturing a video 1Camera settings 1Gallery 135About the Gallery application 15Selecting an album 15Viewing photos and videos 16Editing your photos 18Sending your photos and videos 19Sharing your photos and videos on the Web 140Viewing photos in your social networks 14Music 143Playing music 14Browsing music in the Library 144Creating a playlist 144Setting a song as ringtone 145Sending music using Bluetooth 147About the Music widget 147Maps and location 148Turning on location services 148Google Maps 148HTC Footprints 156Contents 9More apps 159Watching videos on YouTube 159Viewing a PDF 160Viewing documents, presentations, and spreadsheets 161Keeping track of your stocks 16Using FM Radio 16Recording your voice 165Reading news feeds 166Using Flashlight 168Finding and installing apps from Android Market 169Sharing games and applications 171Security 173Protecting your SIM card with a PIN 17Protecting your phone with a screen unlock pattern 174Settings 175Settings on your phone 175Changing display settings 176Changing sound settings 177Changing the phone language 178Optimizing your phone\’s battery life 179Managing memory 180Checking information about your phone 181Update and reset 182Updating the phone software 18

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