Design of DNA origami

scaffolded DNA origami. Shapes up to 100 nanometers in diameter … [25] ( included are atomic force micrographs of DNA origami that …

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Abstract, small scales is at the heart of our effort to miniaturize circuits and, is fundamental to the development of nanotechnology. Here I review, a recently developed method for folding long single strands of DNA, into arbitrary two-dimensional shapes using a raster fill technique `scaffolded DNA origami\’. Shapes up to 100 nanometers in diameter, can be approximated with a resolution of 6 nanometers and decorated, with patterns of roughly 200 binary pixels at the same resolution. Experimentally verified by the creation of a dozen shapes and patterns,, the method is easy, high yield, and lends itself well to automated design, and manufacture. So far, CAD tools for scaffolded DNA origami are, simple, require hand-design of the folding path, and are restricted to two, dimensional designs. If the method gains wide acceptance, better CAD, tools will be required. ABCD

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