DVD Studio Pro Creating Menus

DVD Studio Pro. Creating Menus. Part 1: Getting Started. uPart 2: Creating Buttonso. Part 3: Adding Title, Text, and Sound. Part 4: Creating an Intro Menu …

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DVD Studio Pro Creating Menus
Activity 12, For courses, Summary, Content, Handouts, Time commitment, HANDOUT, Making a unit, exactly, mirror image, Locking them together, in-between, Assignment, 30 units, dodecahedron, Also, planar graph, Task 1, Task 2, Hamilton circuit, proper, 3-edge-coloring, Question, Task 3, Buckyballs, Question 1, Question 2, Question 3, Question 4, SOLUTION AND PEDAGOGY, Handout 1: The PHiZZ Unit, Handout 2: Planar Graphs and Coloring, Handout 3: Making PHiZZ Buckyballs, Question 4, Follow-up ideas

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