Fact Sheet on Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant

Background ON NUCLEAR Fukushima. UPDATE 2:30 pm, Sunday, March 13, 2011. Tokyo Electric Power has stated that approximately six ….

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Fact Sheet on Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant
Tokyo Electric Power is reporting that some six feet of the core of Unit-3 remains uncovered and has been for some time despite efforts to pump water into the core. Tepco speculates there may be leaking pipes and water is not remaining in the core. A translation of part of the statement from our Japanese colleagues: The fuel\’s integrity has been considerably compromised. We are assessing a considerably serious situation.
The International Atomic Energy Agency reports that a first-level (lowest-level) emergency has been declared at the three-unit Onagawa nuclear station north of Fukushima. Immediately after Friday’s earthquake a fire broke out at this facility, but it was said to have been extinguished fairly quickly. However, on Saturday, elevated radiation levels were measured at the Onagawa site (about 10 microSievert/hour or about 1 millirem/hour) for a few hours. The emergency was declared due to these elevated levels, but utility officials say the reactors there are under control.

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