Idiot’s Guide to CHIP – An introduction to CHIP 4

If so, this guide is aimed at you. It introduces your legal obligations to … If this sounds familiar, then this guide should put you on the right track. …

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Health and Safety, Executive, An introduction to CHIP 4, Do you supply chemicals?, What have you heard?, So what is the truth?, What\’s CHIP for?, supply, Are all chemicals covered by CHIP?, BUT the vast majority of chemicals are covered by CHIP. What are the basic requirements of CHIP?, In CHIP, you have to classify before you do anything else. If you classify, the chemical wrongly then everything else you do under CHIP may be, wrong. Harmonised classifications, Providing hazard information, Labelling, For workers, the label is a supplement to information provided by, the employer. Safety data sheets, What else does CHIP expect me to do?, Packaging, Child-resistant closures and tactile danger warnings, Summary of what you need to do, I\’ve heard the law is changing, is it true?, What is the `GHS\’?, What will the CLP Regulation do?, When are these changes going to happen?, So does this mean I can apply the CLP Regulation now?, What are the changes?, Example of Hazard, Example of Statement, Example of hazard, Example of, statement, precautionary, Further reading, Where can I get more information?, Further information, This leaflet contains notes on good practice which are not compulsory but, which you may find helpful in considering what you need to do.

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