Introduction to PageMaker

Place text or images, Exercise 3. One thing to keep in mind with PageMaker, is not a word processor. It is the design layout. ….

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Introduction to PageMaker

  • Prerequisites
  • Goals of the Class
  • What is PageMaker?
  • Getting started in PageMaker
  • Creating a new file
  • The Menus
  • Toolbox and Palettes
  • Color/Style Palette
  • Control Palette
  • Creating a simple Brochure
  • Text and Graphics
  • Using Guides
  • Moving Text
  • Objects and Graphics
  • Grouping
  • Moving between pages
  • Saving your file
  • Additional Resources


Download Introduction to PageMaker pdf from, 19 pages, 301.28KB.
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  1. John Corningh on July 4th, 2013 at 9:11 pm

    I learned Pagemaker when I was in highschool but after that, I no longer try it again because I am more into essay writing.

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