Mac OS X The Missing Manual, 2nd Edition

q Photoshop Elements 2: The Missing Manual by Donnie O’Quinn q Switching to the Mac: ….. Unlike Mac OS 9, Mac OS X doesn’t have the unfortunate habit of …

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Mac OS X: The Missing Manual, 2nd Edition, Brought to You by, Copyright, The Missing Credits, About the Author, David Pogue, About the Creative Team, Nan Barber, John Cacciatore, Dennis Cohen, Phil Simpson, Alan Graham, Joseph Schorr, Chris Stone, Jason Snell, Acknowledgments, The Missing Manual Series, Introduction, What Mac OS X 10.2 Gives You, All About \”Jaguar\”, New desktop features, The Dock, Advanced graphics, Advanced networking, Lots of accessory programs, Simpler everything, Voice control, keyboard control, Tighter Internet integration, A command-line interface, Better hardware integration, A better installer, Other 10.2 tweaks, Mac OS X: the Buzzword-Compliant Operating System, Preemptive multitasking

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