Maintenance manual DG-400

Maintenance Manual DG-400. 8. 8. cont. 60507560 Electric fuel pump Facet 40105. 60500246 Diaphragm vacuum pump Mikuni DF 52-48, …

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content page issued, Manual amendments, Airworthiness limitations, System description and adjustment data, Inspections, Maintenance, content page issued, content page issued, Diagrams, Detailed instructions for assembly + servicing work, Enclosures, Centre of Gravity measurements-, weighing, Instruments and Accessories list, List of special tools, Part list, Tow Hook, Airworthiness limitations, Tow release circuit, Note, Adjustment, Life time of the airframe, The belly cable deflectors, Life time of components, Removing the tow hook, flexible fuel lines, Water ballast System, spark plugs, Water ballast release circuit, fabric straps of the safety harness, Adjustment, Other components, Flexible fuel bags in the wings, Power Plant, 300 engine hours, Power Plant Arrangement, engine, Idle RPM adjustment, Additional adjustment, Exhaust Muffler, After 2-3 years, Propeller, After 6 years, or as an Option, Propeller Positioning, Note, When required, Drive Belt, Drive Belt Tensioning, After sudden power loss at full throttle, Partlist, Working instructions for heat-shrink tubing, Parts for the powerplant, With Bosch electronic boxes, Securing with Loctite, With Ducati electronic boxes, With Bosch electronic boxes, With Ducati electronic boxes, Note, Caution, Service kit fuel lines, (necessary every 6 years,, TN826/45 instruction 1 must have been, accomplished), Service kit fuel line at the engine (necessary every, 3 years), In addition with noise absorbing engine fairing, for Tillotson carburettors, for Mikuni carburettors

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