Microsoft Excel 2007 Tutorial

MICROSOFT EXCEL TUTORIAL … In Microsoft Excel 2007 for a PC, the toolbars are automatically placed as tabs at the top of the screen. …

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MICROSOFT EXCEL TUTORIAL, G E T T I N G S T A R T E D, C R E A T I N G A N E W D O C U M E N T, OPENING MICROSOFT EXCEL ON A PC, Start>AllPrograms>Applications>Microsoft, Office>MicrosoftExcel, OfficeIcon, >New, Create, S A V I N G Y O U R D O C U M E N T, SAVING INITIALLY, Save, Note, Format, SAVING LATER, T O O L B A R S, THREE COMMONLY USED TABS, Home, HomeTab, Insert, PageLayout, F O R M A T T I N G, WORKING WITH CELLS, MicrosoftExcel, CHANGING AN ENTRY WITHIN A CELL, CUT, COPY, AND PASTE, Copy, Paste, To Cut or Copy, HomeTab>Copy, HomeTab>Cut, HomeTab>Paste, FORMATTING CELLS, FormatCells, HomeTab>Format>FormatCells, Number, Alignment, Font, Border, FORMATTING ROWS AND COLUMNS, HomeTab>RowHeight, ADDING ROWS AND COLUMNS, HomeTab>Insert>InsertSheet, Rows, Column, HomeTab>Insert>InsertSheetColumn, WORKING WITH CHARTS, InsertTab, RightClick, MoveChart, ChartLocation, NewSheet, CHART DESIGN, DesignTab, CHART OPTIONS, Titles, ChangeChartType, FormatChartArea, FormatChartArea, CHART STYLE, I N S E R T I N G S M A R T A R T G R A P H I C S, PICTURES, Pictures, InsertTab>Picture, Clipart, ClipArt, Tab>ClipArt, CREATING FUNCTIONS, FormulasTab, MostRecentlyUsed,Financial,Logical,Text,DateandTime,, MathandTrig, P R I N T I N G, PRINTING, OfficeIcon>Print, Properties, Print, LayoutTab, O T H E R H E L P F U L F U N C T I O N S, UNDO AND REDO, QUITTING, ExitExcel

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