Owners Manual Harrington & Richardson Rifles New England Firearms Rifles

Richardson® Rifles. New England. Firearms Rifles. Refer to the drawing below for location of the components named in this manual. …

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Owner\’s Manual, Harrington &, Richardson(R) Rifles, New England, Firearms Rifles, IMPORTANT, SERIAL NUMBER NOTICE, How the Firing Mechanism Operates, Before You Use This Firearm, This is the normal carrying position. Loading and Firing, (You will, hear a distinct \”click\” when, the action locks closed.), Insure that the action is, closed and locked before, Rifle Sights, proceeding. NOTICE, Combination Guns with Additional Barrel(s), release the trigger, Practice this procedure with an empty firearm, until you are thoroughly familiar with it. How to Unload Your Firearm, Guide to Firearm Safety, LIMITED WARRANTY, TWO YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY AGAINST, DEFECTS IN MATERIAL & WORKMANSHIP, must, must, 10. 11. 12. 13. H&R 1871, LLC\’S PERFORMANCE UNDER THE ABOVE WARRANTY, 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. H&R 1871, LLC 60 Industrial Rowe Gardner, MA 01440 U.S.A. www.hr1871.com, 22. 23. 24. Children are attracted to and can operate firearms, that can cause severe injuries or death. 25. Prevent child access by always keeping guns locked, 26. away and unloaded when not in use. If you keep a loaded, firearm where a child obtains and improperly uses it, you, Failure to follow these rules, or other instructions in this manual, can result in, may be fined or sent to prison. personal injury or death. Health Warning, A los ninos los atraen las armas de fuego y las pueden, hacer funcionar. Ellos pueden causarses lesiones graves, y la muerte. Evite que los ninos tengan acceso a las armas de fuego, guardandolas siempre con llave y descargadas cuando no, las este utilizando. Si usted tiene un arma de fuego cargada, en un lugar en que un nino tiene acceso a ella y la usa indeSafety Warning, bidamente, le pueden dar una multa o enviarlo a la carcel. Manufactured by: H&R 1871, LLC, 60 Industrial Rowe, Gardner, MA 01440 U.S.A. www.hr1871.com, Handi-RifleTM, Harrington&, Richardson, ILL. NO. PART NAME, HANDI-RIFLE HANDI-RIFLE HANDI-RIFLE HANDI-RIFLE HANDI-RIFLE HANDI-RIFLE HANDI-RIFLE HANDI-RIFLE HANDI-RIFLE HANDI-RIFLE HANDI-RIFLE, SB2-224, SB2-231, SB2-044, SB2-457, SB2-500, SB2-250, SB2-223, SB2-243, SB2-256, SB2-270, SB2-280, ILL. NO. PART NAME, 22 HORNET, 30/30 WIN, 44 REM MAG 45/70 GOV\’T. 500 S&W, 22/250 REM, 223 REM, 243 WIN, 25/06 REM, 270 WIN, 280 REM, HANDI-RIFLE, HANDI-RIFLE HANDI-RIFLE, HANDI-RIFLE HANDI-RIFLE HANDI-RIFLE, SB2-306, SB2-208, SB2-708, SB2-762, SB2-135, SB2-323, SB2-343, SB2-204, YTH, SB2-Y23 YTH, SB2-Y43 YTH, SB2-Y08, 30/06 SPRG. 308 WIN, 7MM/08, 7.62X39, 35 WHELEN, 204 RUGER, 7mm/08

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