PageMaker Preview A One Hour Introduction

Missouri_outline file from PageMaker years. Click Open. A graphic icon will appear. Place in the top left of the publication, August 13, 2010 ….

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PageMaker Preview A One Hour Introduction
This workshop has been designed to present the following competencies:

  1. Review the advantages of Adobe PageMaker.
  2. Review the uses of Adobe PageMaker.
  3. Review the components of the Adobe PageMaker workspace and basic terms used in PageMaker
  4. Review the tools in the Toolbox.
  5. Open a new PageMaker publication.
  6. Open Defaults dialog box and reset measurements.
  7. Set Document Preferences
  8. Review the use of Master Pages.
  9. Create Master Pages for a publication.
  10. Set columns.
  11. Set Guides.
  12. Draw constrained line.
  13. Import picture.
  14. Resize picture.
  15. Set Text Wrap using Text Wrap dialog box, and reset standoffs.
  16. Import Text.
  17. Move standoff border around picture.
  18. Create a Headline.


Download PageMaker Preview A One Hour Introduction pdf from, 13 pages, 598.47KB.