Pancreatic Cancer – Highlights from ASCO 2010

with metastatic pancreatic cancer have survived this long after treatment. … given to people with advanced pancreatic cancer. Although …

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HIGHLIGHTS FROM ASCO 2010, Pancreatic Cancer, The complex genetic makeup of pancreatic cancer, has made it difficult to improve treatment. But, as the studies highlighted here illustrate, we, saw a number of important advances in treating, pancreatic cancer this year, including drugs that, target specific cell mechanisms. The positive results, of these newly reported studies are very welcome,, as they represent important steps forward. Malcolm J. Moore, MD, Princess Margaret Hospital, FOLFIRINOX Versus Gemcitabine for, Metastatic Pancreatic Cancer, WHAT pATIenTS need TO knOW, pAnCReATIC CAnCeR, Chemotherapy Combinations for, Advanced Pancreatic Cancer, Conatumumab and AMG 479 for, Please note:

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