PrecisionTemp RV500 & ShowerMate Water Heater Service Manual

During a ‘Navy’ style shower water is cold for a short time after turning off and then … When water is turned off and the water heater no longer senses flow the heater ….. 06/2010. RV500 Wiring Schematic 2004 & prior years …

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PrecisionTemp, RV500 & ShowerMate, Water Heater, Service Manual, PrecisionTemp,Inc. Models: RV500, RV501, M500, General Trouble-Shooting ………… Maximum of 30 minutes (0.5 hour), CONTENTS, 1. Definition of Terms, 2. Description of Operation, 3. Trouble-Shooting the RV500, 4. Water flow system, 5. Service Code Diagnostics, 6. Repair and Replacement Guide, 1. Definition of Terms, AutoCal -, DSI (Direct Spark Ignition), Ignition or minimum burn, Maximum burn, T-in, T-mid, T-out, T-set, 2. Description of Operation RV500, The (Direct Spark Ignition) DSI, 2.1 Description of Operation ShowerMate, flow meter, green control, board. green control board, orange wire, pressure, differential switch, black relay, power vent blower, relay, blower, vacuum tube, blower, pressure, differential switch, pressure differential switch, spark, ignition module, orange wire, Ignition module, heavy yellow wire, spark ignition probe, burner, combination, gas valve, blue wire, yellow wire, spark, ignition module, green control board, modulating gas valve, green control board, flow, meter, thermistors, gas modulating valve,, gas valve, 3. Trouble-Shooting the RV500, 3.1 Water, Leak, CAUTION: 1) Use two wrenches so that no force is, transferred to other parts, and 2) over-tightening fitting can damage the unit. 3.2 Gas, Leak, CAUTION: When checking for gas leaks DO NOT use flame, 3.3 No Green LED flash or Green LED stays on, but does not, flash, CAUTION: Supplying the RV500 with reverse polarity will damage the circuit boards. 3.4 Green LED flashes, but no ignition attempt (no igniter, no, gas), 3.5 Green LED flashes, but no ignition (igniter sparks, no gas), 3.6 Green LED flashes, but no ignition (no igniter sparks, no gas, flow, no gas odor), 3.7 The unit ignites, but will not rise above minimum burn or, water at the faucet is cool, 3.8 Large fluctuations in temperature, Do not make the above water pressure adjustments unless the showerhead flow-, restricter has been removed!, 3.9 During a `Navy\’ style shower water is cold for a short time, after turning off and then back on, 3.10 Pressure relief valve leaks, 3.11 During the AutoCal procedure the unit shuts down and, restarts, 3.12 Exhaust contains dark smoke, 4.1 Cold water bypass, 4.2 Flowmeter, checkout, 4.3 Reading flow using the green LED, 4.4 Using the water system pump, 4.5 T-in, T-mid, T-out Thermister and T-set readout, 5. Service Code Diagnostics, Double red flash/second (two flashes per second), Single Red flash, Two Red flashes, Three Red flashes, Four Red flashes, Five Red flashes, Six Red flashes, Seven Red flashes, Water Flow – gpm, T-out – T-in, F, 1. Operating Range of the RV500, 2. View of the back of the case of the RV500, 3. Frontal View of RV500 with Door Removed, 5. Thermister Conversion from Volts & Ohms to, Electronic Control Board 200-14, Brown Test, Point, 1076, 1331, Black Test, Point, Micro, ACAL, processor, Jumper, JMP 1, Jumper, 1333, 1330, Relay, Orange, Test Point, Alarm, 1329, Connector, (not used), Green LED, Red LED, Yellow, T_set Pot, Test Point, Blue Test, Point, Revision 04/04, 6. Cold Water Bypass, 7. T-mid Ferrule Assembly

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