Road Star Warrior Big Shots Exhaust System

CONGRATULATIONS! You have purchased the finest exhaust system available for your motorcycle. Your VANCE & HINES exhaust system is designed for today’s rider …

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Road Star Warrior Big Shots Exhaust System
(Save)4. Carefully remove complete system frommotorcycle. Remove M6 x 35 button head screws connecting rearbrake master cylinder reser voir to stock muffler bracket. Install rear brake master cylinder reser voir bracketFigure 3(stamped 333) using saved M10 x 25 bolts and suppliedM10 lock nuts (Figure 1). heads6. Slide dog bone shaped nut plate(supplied) inside each bracket welded to backside ofmufflers (Figure 7). Install and tighten both rider and passenger footpegs. Check for adequate clearance between all exhaustsystem components and motorcycle accessories proneto heat damage. Figure 714. WARNING! VANCE & HINES DOES NOT WARRANTY ANY CHROME PRODUCTS AGAINST DISCOLORATION.

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