Tapworthy: Designing Great iPhone Apps

Aug 24, 2010 … The title of this book is Tapworthy: Designing Great iPhone Apps and it was written by Josh Clark. This edition of Tapworthy: Designing …

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Tapworthy: Designing Great iPhone Apps
AfterAuthor:Josh ClarkTwilight Dark Dreamers DarkLanguage: EnglishPages: 320Hunger Dark Secret (The Car. . 9 Inchesof Darkness (D. . This accessible, wel -written guide shows you how to design exceptional user experiences for the iPhone and iPod TouchRandom Recommendthrough practical principles and a rich col ection of visual examples. The rightpersonality for the right audience andfeatures makes an app irresistible andcreates a bonafide emotional connection. Becausethey\’re commonplace, the standard set ofcontrols is sometimes dismissed as visual y dul  Beforecreating a brand new interface metaphor or inventing your own custom controls, ask whether it mightCaft Society: Socialites, Patrons, andbe done better with the built-in gadgetry. Artists (1920-1960)A coat of paint. The app adds a parchment graphic to the backgroundof each table cel , making each entry appear to be written on an aged wine label.

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