The Hiring Process: Recruiting, Interviewing, and Selecting the Best Employees

during the hiring process. Hiring is regulated by state and federal laws. ….. Write down your opinions as you progress through the hiring process. …

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The Hiring Process: Recruiting, Interviewing, and Selecting the Best Employees
Purdue extension, PPP-69, Cover photo, Fotosearch Stock Photography, Telephone (Screening) Interviews, Panel (Team) Interviews, One-on-One Interviews, How old are you?, Are you married?, Do you have children?, How is your health?, What is your race?, Where were you born?, How old are you?, What is your date of birth?, What is your religious affiliation?, What is your national origin?, What is your primary language?, Are you an American citizen?, Do you have good credit?, Are you married?, Do you plan to have children?, Do you have children?, What are the ages of your children?, What are your childcare arrangements?, What is your sexual orientation?, How tall are you?, How much do you weigh?, Are you a member of any organizations?, What is your spouse\’s name?, Does your spouse work?, What does your spouse do for a living?, How is your health?, Have you ever had a back injury?, Have you ever been hospitalized?, Do you have a disability?, Have you ever filed for medical disability?, How many days were you absent from your job last year?, Do you have any ongoing medical conditions?, What kind of name is, Have you ever left an employer involuntarily? If so, what were the, circumstances?, What is it specifically about our organization and this position that is attractive, to you?, What made you happy or satisfied at your last job?, How does your experience of the last two years make you a suitable fit for this, position?, If you were me, why would I hire you?, Why do you want to work here?, What do you know about our company?, What did you like/dislike about your last job?, What would you like to be doing five years from now?, What are your biggest accomplishments?, Can you work under pressure? Tell me about a time when you had to meet a, tough deadline. Are you able to take direction/criticism well? Tell me about a time when your, supervisor gave you feedback that surprised you. Tell me about yourself. What is the most difficult work-related situation you have faced?, Tell me about a customer situation that you found challenging. How did you, handle it? Were you pleased with the outcome?, Do you prefer working with others, or alone?, Have you had an opportunity to work on a team? What was your role? Was the, team successful? Why or why not?, How would your former boss describe you, using just one sentence?

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