UWH-RB-24 Universal Wiring Harness McDonnell & Miller

Please note that the connector cable included the UWH wiring harnesses is 5ft long which will … Plug connector of wiring harness into plug-in Connector …

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McDonnell & Miller, UWH-RB-24, Universal Wiring, Harness, UWH-RB-24A, UWH-RB-24S, WARNING, * Before using this product read and understand instructions. * Save these instructions for future reference. * All work must be performed by qualified personnel trained in the proper application,, installation, and maintenance of plumbing, steam, hot water, and electrical equipment, and/or systems in accordance with all applicable codes and ordinances. * To prevent electrical shock , turn off the electrical power before making electrical connections. * This low water cut-off must be installed in series with all other limit and operating controls, installed on the boiler. After installation, check for proper operation of all of the limit and, operating controls, before leaving the site. * We recommend that secondary (redundant) Low Water Cut-Off controls be installed on all, boilers with heat input greater than 400,000 BTU/hour. At least two controls should be, connected in series with the burner contro l circuit to provide safety redundancy protection, should the boiler experience a low water condition.

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