Wicked Cool Java

WICKED COOL JAVA. Code Bits, Open-Source. Libraries, and Project Ideas by Brian D. Eubanks. San Francisco. WCJ_02.book Page iii Monday, …

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This Somethings That: A Short Introduction to N3 and Jena, JENA, Triple the Fun: Creating an RDF Vocabulary for Your, Organization, Who\’s a What? Using RDF Hierarchies in Jena, JENA, Getting Attached: Attaching Dublin Core to HTML Documents, What\’s the Reason? Making Queries with Jena RDQL, JENA, SysoutVisitor();, Simply Logical: Lojban, RDF, and the Jorne Project, Table 4-1, Gismu, Gismu, Total, Arity, Count, Slots, Guess What? Publishing RSS Newsfeeds with Informa, INFORMA, What\’s Up? Aggregating RSS Newsfeeds, INFORMA, JAVA 5+, Heading to the Polls: Polling RSS Feeds with Informa, INFORMA, channel.addItem(item);, All the News Fit to Print: Filtering RSS Feeds with Informa, INFORMA

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