Wireless Token Ring Protocol (WTRP)

IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON VEHICULAR TECHNOLOGY, VOL. 53, NO. 6, NOVEMBER 2004. 1863. WTRP—Wireless Token Ring Protocol. Mustafa Ergen, Student Member, IEEE, …

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Wireless Token Ring Protocol (WTRP)
Abstract-medium access control (MAC) protocol for wireless local area networks (WLANs). In contrast with IEEE 802.11 networks, WTRP, guarantees quality of service (QoS) in terms of bounded latency, and reserved bandwidth, which are critical in many real-time, applications. Compared to 802.11, WTRP improves efficiency by, reducing the number of retransmissions due to collisions, and it, is more fair as all stations use the channel for the same amount, of time. Stations take turns transmitting and give up the right to, transmit after a specified amount of time. WTRP is a distributed, protocol that supports many topologies, as not all stations need, to be connected to each other or to a central station. WTRP is, robust against single node failures, and recovers gracefully from, multiple simultaneous faults. WTRP is suitable for interaccess, point coordination in ITS DSRC, safety-critical vehicle-to-vehicle, communications, and home networking, and provides extensions, to other networks and Mobile IP. Index Terms-ligent transportation systems, medium access control, mission critical systems, quality of service (QoS), vehicle-to-vehicle communication, wireless token ring protocol (WTRP). Ring owner, Connectivity manager, Multiple ring management, Successful token transmission, Ring recovery mechanism, Joining, Multiple token resolution, Interference, Leaving

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