Zend Framework Certification Study Guide

In order to become certified in the use of Zend Framework (ZF), you will need … Zend Framework is abbreviated as “ZF” for brevity throughout this guide. …

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Using Microsoft Photostory 3, PREP, Import and arrange your pictures, OPTIONAL, Editing Effects: Rotate and Crop, Auto Fix and Add Effect, Add Effect, SAVE EARLY SAVE OFTEN!!!, STEP 3: Add a title to your pictures, STEP 4: Recording Your Voice-over (Narrate your pictures) and Customizing Motion, SET UP. Customizing Motion, Transitions, NOTE 1: Cross dissolve is the default function, NOTE 2: Just because you can does not mean you should. STEP 5: Add background music, NOTE, Go to the next page to finish your movie. STEP 6: Save your story, Congratulations!!! You now have a completed digital story.

Download Zend Framework Certification Study Guide pdf from downloads.zend.com, 214 pages, 2625.53KB.
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