2001 Mazda 626 Quick Tips and Guide

Idle speed, brake If you have any questions about 22,500 miles A lines and hoses, disc and drum your vehicle, you are invited to 30,000 miles A B brakes, steering operation and contact your local dealer. Quick Tips(R) Reference Guide for Controls and Functions (R) 2001 Get in. Dual power mirrors, see Console/Trunk 19. Fuse panel Press to activate/deactivate Press on/off 23.

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2001 Mazda 626 Quick Tips and Guide
5,000 miles*, A, 7,500 miles, 15,000 miles, 22,500 miles, 30,000 miles, A B, 37,500 miles, 45,000 miles, 52,500 miles, 60,000 miles, A B C D, 67,500 miles, 75,000 miles, 82,500 miles, 95,000 miles, Tip: For additional service, intervals and complete details,, see Owner\’s Manual, Tip: Use key number, plate to purchase new, key; store in safe place, 2019 17 18, 17 16 15, LOCK, Tip: If lever does not lock, move wheel up/down, slightly until lever clicks, into recess, 13 14, km/h, X 1000r/min, 23 22, 6 19 18, TCS, MIST, PULL, CCEL, CRUISE, MAIN, COAST, Tip: To lock mirrors in place,, rotate knob to center position, LO O, AUTO, Unlock, Lock, Tip: Doors can be locked, with key in ignition (chime, sounds to alert you to key, in ignition), ON DOOR OFF, 3 4 6 7 4 3, Tip: Torque converter lock-up, improves fuel economy and, can feel like an additional, gear change, WARNINGS: Do not shift into, 1st above 20 mph or clutch, failure could occur, Resting your foot on clutch, pedal while driving and using, the clutch to hold your vehicle, at a stand still while waiting, on a hill may reduce clutch life, WARNINGS: Always wear, your safety belt and properly, secure children 12 and under in, the rear seat, If you choose to install a forwardfacing child safety seat in the front, seating positions, move vehicle, seat as far back as possible, Air bag is supplemental and, does not replace safety, belt usage, Tip: Side-impact air bags*, Do not adjust seat 4, deploy from outboard, while driving, side of driver and front, passenger seat backs, WARNING: Make sure adjuster, locks in one of its positions, WARNINGS: Children less, than 4 years old and under, 40 pounds should always use, a child safety seat, Do not place rear-facing child, safety seat in front seat, MAX A/C, Warning: Do not use, Tips: To help prevent, position in cold weather,, windshield fogging in humid, windows may fog and, weather, select, before, hamper vision, starting engine, To prevent moisture buildup,, never drive with system off, Objects placed under the, front seats may interfere with, air flow to the rear, DISC IN, FM1/2, MD/TAPE, CLOCK, LOAD, H SCAN, SEEK, CD IN, 1 2 3 4 5 6, RPT RDM, TRACK, MD IN AUTO-M MTL AFM12, ST MCD CH, M AUTO-M, 1 DISC, 2 DISC, 3 RPT, 4 PROG, TUNE, PUSH POWER, PRESS AUDIO CONT, WARNING: Never remove, coolant reserve tank cap, while engine is running or, hot; remove only when safe, Tips: Maintain constant, pressure on the brake pedal, Do not pump the brakes

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