2007 Nissan Murano Owners Manual and Maintenance Guide

The seat motor has an auto-reset overload protection circuit. If the motor stops during operation, wait 30 seconds, then reactivate the switch.

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2007 Nissan Murano Owners Manual and Maintenance Guide
1. Hood (Page 3-24) 2. Windshield wiper and washer switch (P.2-20)/Wiper replacement (P.8-18) 3. Headlight and turn signal switch (P.2-22)/ Bulb replacement (P.8-26) 4. Interior light (P.2-42) 5. Sunroof* (P.2-40) 6. Power windows (P.2-38) 7. Recovery hook (P.6-15) 8. Fog light switch* (P.2-27)/ Daytime running light (for Canada) (P.2-25) 9. Tires — Wheel and tires (P.8-29, P.9-8) — Flat tire (P.6-2) 10. Mirrors (P.3-32) 11. Doors — Keys (P.3-2) — Door locks (P.3-3) — Remote keyless entry system (P.3-5) (P.3-20) — Intelligent Key* (P.3-9) *: if so equipped
1. Fuel-filler door (P.3-26)/Fuel recommendation (P.9-3) 2. Side marker, Stop/Tail, Turn signal light (Bulb replacement) (P.8-26) 3. Rear window defroster switch (P.2-22) 4. High-mounted stop light (P.8-26) 5. Rear window wiper and washer switch (P.2-21) 6. Luggage light (P.2-44, P.8-26) 7. Back-up light (Bulb replacement) (P.8-26) 8. Lift gate opener switch (P.3-24) 9. Lift gate request switch (Intelligent Key)* (P.3-12) *: if so equipped
1. Seat belts (P.1-9) 2. Head restraints (P.1-7) 3. Supplemental curtain side-impact air bags (P.1-41) 4. Power windows (P.2-38) 5. Interior lights (P.2-42) 6. Sunroof* (P.2-40) 7. Front passenger air bag status light (P.1-49) 8. Inside mirror (P.3-32) — Automatic anti-glare inside mirror* (P.3-31) — HomeLink Universal Transceiver* (P.2-44) 9. Seats (P.1-2) 10. Supplemental side-impact air bags (P.1-41) 11. Console box (P.2-34) 12. Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) selector lever (P.5-13) *: if so equipped
1. Headlight, fog light* and turn signal switch (P.2-22) 2. Trip odometer reset button (P.2-4) 3. Instrument brightness control switch (P.2-26) 4. Meters/gauges (P.2-3) 5. Windshield (P.2-20)/rear window (P.2-21) wiper and washer switch 6. Hazard warning flasher switch (P.2-27) 7. Center ventilator (P.4-21) 8. Audio control (P.4-27) 9. Display (P.4-2, P.4-11)/clock (P.4-4, P4-18) 10. Rear window defroster and Heated outside mirror* switch (P.2-22) 11. Display screen control (P.4-2, P4-11) and/or Navigation system*1 12. Passenger supplemental air bag (P.1-41) 13. Side ventilator (P.4-21) 14. Headlight aiming control switch* (P.2-25) 15. Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) OFF switch* (P.2-29) or Headlight aiming control* (P.2-25) 16. Steering switch for audio control* (P.4-43) 17. Fuse box cover (P.8-21) 18. Tilting steering wheel lock lever (P.3-28) 19. Driver supplemental air bag (P.1-41)/Horn (P.2-28) 20. Cruise control main/set switch (P.5-22) 21. Ignition switch/steering lock (P.5-9) (P.5-10) 22. Heater/air conditioner control (P.4-23)
1. Tachometer (P.2-4) 2. Turn signal indicator (P.2-27)/Hazard indicator (P.2-27) 3. Speedometer (P.2-4) 4. Engine coolant temperature gauge (P.2-5) 5. Fuel gauge (P.2-5) 6. Reset button for trip odometer (P.2-4) 7. Warning/Indicator lights (P.2-9) 8. Odometer (Total/Twin trip) (P.2-4) 9. CVT shift position indicator (P.5-14,18)
1. Power steering fluid reservoir (P.8-12) 2. Engine oil filler cap (P.8-10) 3. Brake fluid reservoir (P.8-13) 4. Air cleaner (P.8-17) 5. Windshield washer fluid reservoir (P.8-14) 6. Engine coolant reservoir (P.8-8) 7. Drive belts (P.8-16) 8. Radiator filler cap (P.8-8) 9. Engine oil dipstick (P.8-9) 10. Fuse/fusible link holder (P.8-21) 11. Battery (P.8-14)

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