2008 Nissan Towing Guide

Nissan bolt-on receiver hitches are designed specifically for Nissan vehicles and include the necessary reinforcements, with ample clearance around bumpers, frame members, etc. These hitches allow for the removal of the ball mount when not towing. , and is available through your Nissan dealer. This installation should be done by professionals only, as it is very important to mount the hitch correctly to distribute the king pin load for the proper load carrying and sway control performance.

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  • 2008 Nissan Towing Guide
    • Table of Contents
      • Introduction
      • Towing Equipment
      • What\’s Right for You
      • Preparing Your Vehicle
      • Towing Safety
      • Towing Tips
      • Towing Glossary
      • Specifications
      • Protection
      • Commitment
Download 2008 Nissan Towing Guide pdf from www.nissanusa.com, 32 pages, 1190.42KB.