2011 Hyundai EQUUS Brochure and Specifications

Equus is a bold step for Hyundai. After all, few expected us to come so far, so fast. But if you look at some of the world’s other great car companies …

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2011 Hyundai EQUUS Brochure and Specifications
Heated and Cooled Front Seats, Heated Steering Wheel, 12-Way Adjustable Drivers Seat, Driver\’s Seat Massage, Advanced Navigation and Driver, Information System, Front-View Cornering Camera, Parking Guide System, Electronic Parking Brake, Supervision Cluster, with Automatic Vehicle Hold, with Built-In colour Monitor, Complimentary iPad(R), Power Rear Sunshades, Rear 8-Inch LCD Display, Rear Armrest Console Controls, Winged Rear Headrests, Thermoelectric Rear Console, Refrigerator, Power First-Class Rear Seat, with Air Cell Massage, Front-Left and Front-Right, Centre Channel (2 transducers), Centre-Left and Centre-Right, Surround-Left and SurroundLow-Frequency Effects Channel, Channels (6 transducers), Right Channels (2 transducers), (1 transducer), Luxury Interior, Puddle Lamps, Power Trunk Lid, Rain-Repelling Acoustic, Laminated Glass, Wrap-Around LED Rear Lights, Auto Defogging System, Lane Departure Warning System, Smart Cruise Control

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