2011 Nissan Altima Quick Reference Guide

Tire pressure rises and falls depending on the heat caused by the vehicle’s operation and the outside temperature. Low outside temperature can lower the temperature of the air inside the tire, which can cause a lower tire inflation pressure. This may cause the low tire pressure warning light to illuminate.

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2011 Nissan Altima Quick Reference Guide
ESSENTIAL INFORMATION, FIRST DRIVE FEATURES, SYSTEM GUIDE, \”Safety — Seats, seat belts and, supplemental restraint system (1)\”, LOOSE FUEL CAP, \”Instruments and controls (2)\”, \”Pre-driving checks and adjustments (3)\”, TIRE PRESSURE MONITORING SYSTEM (TPMS), \”Instruments and controls (2)\”, \”Starting and driving (5)\”, NISSAN INTELLIGENT KEYTM SYSTEM, \”Pre-driving checks and adjustments, (3)\”, POWER SEAT ADJUSTMENTS (if so equipped), \”Safety — Seats, seat belts and supplemental restraint system (1)\”, OUTSIDE MIRROR CONTROL SWITCH, \”Pre-driving checks and adjustments, STARTING/STOPPING THE ENGINE, START, \”Starting and driving (5)\”, HEADLIGHT CONTROL SWITCH, WINDSHIELD WIPER SWITCH, (MIST), (INT), (LO), (HI), \”Instruments and controls (2)\”, AUTOMATIC CLIMATE CONTROLS (if so equipped), 01 AUTO BUTTON, AUTO, 02 TEMPERATURE CONTROL DIALS, 03 FAN SPEED CONTROL DIAL / OFF BUTTON, 04 DEFROSTING / DEFOGGING FRONT AND SIDE WINDOWS, 05 REAR WINDOW AND OUTSIDE MIRROR (if so equipped) DEFROSTER SWITCH, \”Monitor, climate, audio, phone and, voice recognition systems (4)\”, FM/AM/XM(R)* RADIO WITH CD/DVD PLAYER (if so equipped), 01 VOL ON*OFF CONTROL DIAL, VOL ON*OFF, 02 TUNE/FOLDER/AUDIO CONTROL DIAL, TUNE/FOLDER/AUDIO, 03 CD/DVD OPEN/TILT BUTTON, OPEN/ TILT, \”Monitor, climate, audio, phone and voice recognition systems (4)\”, PARKING BRAKE, TRUNK LID RELEASE, FUEL-FILLER DOOR, CRUISE CONTROL, BLUETOOTH(R) HANDS-FREE PHONE SYSTEM (if so equipped), \”Monitor, climate, audio, phone and, NAVIGATION SYSTEM (if so equipped), HOMELINK(R), HOMELINK(R) UNIVERSAL TRANSCEIVER (if so equipped)

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