Airbus A319/320/321 Flight Scenarion Q and A

Cabin-to-flightdeck communications, Flightdeck entry/exit procedures, Explanation of flight conditions, Pilot announcement issues
Review MELs that could affect cabin service, Request flight attendants inform the captain promptly of items that should be entered into the aircraft, logbook, Any other considerations the captain deems necessary

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Airbus A319/320/321 Flight Scenarion Q and A
During the BEFORE START checklist, the crew is interrupted by a flight attendant. Unofficial Airbus Study. The flight crew member should: contact ground crew before applying hydraulic power. Check with ground crew prior to activating the pump. 29 The captain will contact the controlling dispatcher and local station personnel, discussing viable options with passenger comfort as the primary goal. The flight plan has been modified; if the flight crew chose to push the LSK #6L, (TMPY ERASE) the flight plan will erase the temporary flight plan Reference: PH FIL – FMS 2, 2006 CQT GUIDE 8. 4 Due to extenuating circumstances, the General Declaration can be faxed to the downline station to prevent a flight delay, if the Customer Service supervisor verifies with the crew the General Declaration will be delivered electronically. Reference: FOM 4. 16 10. 8.

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